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Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey


Be it the cutting of chords, the appeasement of natural forces, or the removal of negative energies this service is our most direct service in this department. Charles will undertake a Shamanic Journey to solve whatever issues you bring to him concerning this. This service is for one half hour of Shamanic Journeying at the price listed in the main page.

Shamanic Journey is the art of traveling the realms on your behalf to find solution to your problems. This method is suited for when a blockage in manifesting in this world has more to do with past life issues, spiritual attachments, or things of that nature. It may include things like Soul Retrieval, the bringing back of soul fragments, or resolving issues in the past life which echo into the hear and now.

This service is not for banishing a negative entity, or doing combat with negative forces. 

Shamanic Journey is closer to energy work than any other service, as it relies on the practitioners ability to traverse the planes. As a result we list it here with energy work services.

Shamanic Journey ranges in it's impacts, but is often well above a normal service as it solves spiritual imbalances in a more direct manner.

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