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Shift/Split Form (S-Form)

Shift/Split Form (S-Form)


A specialized Soul Force technique attunement, beings who are given this attunement are able to shift or split their form into multiple forms without power loss, increasing their power directly. Generally speaking a Level 1 S-Form allows 2 to 4 more forms, and higher levels allow more or at higher powers.

The S-Form ability often has unique manifestations itself, we've seen things from beings able to split their form into elemental aspects, conceptual aspects, into specific forms that allow them to better deal with complex situations, handle different aspects of battle or business, or even draw on specific energies such as planetary energies. We can't aim with a high degree of accuracy what this form will manifest, but it will always allow them to split their form into multiple selves.

Beings can only maintain the S-Form for a few hours at a time, when the forms return to the core the memories are integrated as a vague memory, this keeps the disassociation of a split form at a minimum ensuring their safety. In situations where a S-Form is being used to gather information though, the memories of specific information would be kept clear, but the full hour would be kept more vague when the forms reintegrate.

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