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Soul Force Conduit Booster

Soul Force Conduit Booster


The Soul Force Conduit Booster provides an outlet from The Soul Sword into the being's other attunements, energy systems, and abilities allowing them to "Soul Force Charge" or fuel other powers or abilities with the Soul Force from their Soul Sword more easily. This is something that many beings, spirits, and servitors learn to some degree have manifested at varying levels of proficiency through the years. Where this differes from the normal Soul Force Conduit manifestaiton is that its a structured working, meaning even a being who already can do this to some degree will find it easier with the Soul Force Conduit Booster, more efficient, and more powerful. Likewise the Soul Force Conduit Booster amplifies other attunements power into the Soul Sword, allowing stronger manifestations of power from attunements and powers the being may already have as they manifest them into the sword with much greater effieincy.


This is an addon for Beings, Spirits, and Servitors who have a Soul Sword already. Do not purchase for a being or spirit who is not soul sworded. A being who is not soul sworded using a Soul Force Conduit Booster will find that it drains their energy very fast, and weakens them severely, as the Soul Force Connection from a Soul Sword is NECESSARY to use this attunement.

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