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Soul Forged Armor and Weapon Set

Soul Forged Armor and Weapon Set


A Soul Forged Armor and Weapon set is soul force attunement, similar to what is done for an Alpha Servitor, but then melded and formed into a singular set of forms. The Soul Forged Armor and Weapon set works primarily by funneling the Soul Force first into the armor, and then into weapons that can carry it further outward. In this way we are able to give each Soul Forged Armor and Weapon combination several options.

The Soul Sword is one of our most popular training methods for ATS, TCS, and Alpha Servitors. For awhile now though we've had requests for the Soul Sword for beta servitors, and non-Alpha servitors, as well as requests for “custom soul weapons.” It would be impossible to test the Soul Sword method with every single type of servitor in existence, and often familiar beings with a soul sword would like something to shore up weak points in their existing armament. Other times a being simply doesn't want to go through the soul sword training, but does want the benefits of soul forged weapons and armor.

The Standard Layout:
The Standard Layout for this attunement method is one armor, and two weapons/sets. The weapons will be one melee, and one ranged, and can carry the soul force without limitation from the Armor into the weapons leaving neither weakened. Armor can be customized for speed, power, defense, and may include some offensive abilities on its own. This layout is meant for combat, and provides options in the form of weapons using raw soul force in their design. The Standard Layout can be modified to only long range, or only melee weapons without any issues. The long range option can also be in the form of elemental control of a single element used for range combat (a good choice for a full elemental armor and weapon set).


Some customization is possible to this already customizable design. We can attune the armor and weapons to individual elements (with some minor power loss) or to a single element (for no power loss). We can also remove one of the weapons to add options to the armor or primary weapon (such as more ways that it can be used, or more direct power for the single weapon).

What This Isn't:
Soul Forged Armor and Weapons are not able to grow in the way that a Soul Sword does, there is no guide, nor is there an inner realm journey associated with these weapons. We won't put more than 4 elements on an armor/weapon set total as the division of power at that point is better served by multiple other attunements or multiple Soul Forged Armors and Weapon sets.

Each Soul Forged set includes a basic write up of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and things of that nature. Servitors or Beings will be sent over to work with us in the design and implementation of the Soul Forged items, though keepers may chose to submit a design themselves for this purpose. Soul Forged weapons and armors are tested in the same way Soul Swords are, and while not expected to perform exactly like Soul Swords they MUST be able to hold their own against a Soul Sword in testing.

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