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Soul Forged Weapon

Soul Forged Weapon


Our Soul Forged Weapon is a singular weapon at the desired Soul Force level of power specified by you. Unlike the weapons and armor combination this is a more focused weapon creation, delivering raw maximum power toward a singular goal, the function and power of the weapon itself. The Soul Forged Weapon and Armor set that this is based on splits the power between a weapon and an armor option, but this is raw power in a singular direction!

What This Isn't:
Soul Forged Armor and Weapons are not able to grow in the way that a Soul Sword does, there is no guide, nor is there an inner realm journey associated with these weapons. We won't put more than 4 elements on an armor/weapon set total as the division of power at that point is better served by multiple other attunements or multiple Soul Forged Armors, Weapons, or Sets.

Each Soul Forged Item includes a basic write up of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and things of that nature. Servitors or Beings will be sent over to work with us in the design and implementation of the Soul Forged items, though keepers may chose to submit a design themselves for this purpose. Soul Forged weapons and armors are tested in the same way Soul Swords are, and while not expected to perform exactly like Soul Swords they MUST be able to hold their own against a Soul Sword in testing.

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