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Soul Sword Training

Soul Sword Training


The ultimate combat upgrade for your existing beings. The Soul Sword is our proprietary spiritual combat technique here and represents the ultimate in offensive and defensive capabilities. Those humans who have mastered the technique have seen their ability in spiritual combat multiply not by double, or triple, but exponentially over time. As they have mastered their swords and the soul guide spirit accompanying them these wielders have become legendary for their prowess in metaphysical combat. Beings too can learn this technique and this service acts as a combination attunement and drawing out of that beings "sword guide" a secondary being that they can then interact with and call out in battle. This also provides them a unique set abilities that will mesh with their elemental and energetic alignments. This service is for a single being as it is very powerful. Multiple beings may take on this attunement and training in your collection individually through separate purchases. This attunement and training is suited for Alpha Level Servitors, Spirits, and Entities of all forms, as well as our TCS and ATS grade servitors.

After purchase we will contact you to let you know when to send the being over for the upgrade process. Alternatively you can set your defenses and beings in place to allow us to call the being over to work with when we are ready. Let us know via contact if you prefer to just have us call your being over.

Description Detail Level: We provide a full writeup of the realm, guide, and abilities of the sword. This is more a summary of what is learned and gained from training and testing, but we do not provide a full writeup of the experiences from the testing and training phases.

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