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Spear of Odin Tarot Reading

Spear of Odin Tarot Reading


One of our custom spread readings, this 5 card spread is read differently from others, starting in the spiritual and moving toward the spear point of the physical, it is a reading meant to help you find direction in action. This reading is based off Odin's Spear Gungnir, and is meant to provide direction in action, or best advice for a road to take. The Spear is not good for past, present, future readings, nor for more complete pictures of a situation. It does one job, and does it well, it tells us the direction to go so that our spirit lines up with our physical toward a best outcome.


The cards are renowned world wide to provide insight, guidance, and a powerful look into circumstances. Tarot Cards are an amazing tool to aid you in anything from communication with spirits or beings around you to life decisions. Excellent for helping find the road to take in a given situation a Tarot Card reading can turn things around. Our Tarot Card readings are delivered to you by e-mail with a picture of the cards involved! This is one of the best ways to take a look into what is concerning you in your life!

This reading is not a spirit communication reading which is found elsewhere on our site.

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