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Spell Attunement

Spell Attunement


Formerly our Custom Attunement methods, we've regeared our attunement creation to allow us to attune our clients to any spell or working we do within our services section. This means any service that is an act of spell work, obviously things like Shamanic Journey don't count in this, can be packaged into an attunement form for you our valued clients. This allows the power of a spell to be accessed over and over again, causing it to be self perpetuating. Custom attunements will come with our custom attunement acceptance manual, a specialized seal for that attunement, as well as an activation word or phrase embedded into the attunement which can be used to activate it with focused thought on said word or phrase.

We are now providing a written mini-manual for each custom attunement as well. This will give more clear instructions on what the attunement can and can't do, how to activate or use it in various ways, and often advice for getting the most out of it.


Custom attunements focus and hone the power of a spell into the attunement, and as such need to be accepted by, and used by our clients for them to see the results. Attunements can not be passed from one client to another as during the creation of the personal attunement it is linked specifically to the single person recieving it.

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