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Spirit Picture

Spirit Picture


Free for all new conjures, and all our new preconjures, this service is available for our beings, spirits, and servitors as well as others. We include a free, AI generated image with all our conjures, and any Servitors that are not based off an existing person or template so complete that the AI wouldn't do justice to the source material. This is an artistic representation of a being you provide us the description for. For our own previous conjures, we provide as close a match to what we see when we connect to them as possible. For other conjurer and servitor creator's works we provide an artistic representation, and do not claim our representation is more true, simply that it meets the description given and what we can see of the being.

This service is suited to humanoids such as humans, elves, dwarves, fairies, and such. We are able to also do picture for Dragons, Animal Spirits, and things of that nature without issue. For more complex beings which may be more difficult contact us ahead of time. Minotaurs and Centaurs are especially difficult so we may have to invoice an additional fee for them based on the work, so contact us ahead of time for estimates including a minimum and maximum final fee we would charge.

This service has a number of options.

Single Picture Enhanced - This is a single picture selected from multiple created, we select what we believe is the best image from a batch of images we process, and do our best to make any changes necessary to ensure the image matches the description, and what we can see or sense of the spirit. This is an artistic "best representation" that we can provide using the AI tools we have.  If we miss a detail such as eye color, let us know, and we will make the appropriate edits if possible free of charge. Beings, like people, change clothing so we don't hold to a strict "this color clothing" but will try to match a description as best we can.

Top 5 Pictures - These may be different in more innate details, but capture the essence and form of the being in question. This provides 5 pictures, from a batch, and may have some light editing. In Top 5 Batches, we do less editting, so things like eye color, or clothing color may not be as accurate, but we provide more images as a result, and you can select the best of them. 

Top 10 Pictures - The same as the top 5 option, but twice as many.

Top 15 Picturas - The Same as the Top 5, but three times as many.

Top 5 Ehanced - This is the same as the top 5 option, but we will do some additional editing and cleanup if we need to. If we miss an edit, let us know, and we'll revise that image free of charge! This provides a great option as it has often minor differences in facial structure and such in the top 5 that are still good representations.

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