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Talisman Creation

Talisman Creation


Talismans have an advantage over spell work in that they provide continual energy indefinitely, where a spell is a larger burst of energy toward a goal. Talismans are a good long-term investment as far as magickal operations go. While not as powerful or immediate as a spell working talismans are the best long-term energy option.

This service should be paired with any other magickal service to harness the spell work into a talisman instead of releasing the power as a spell! If purchased on its own, it will recieve only the most basic altar amplifier applied to it.


Ordering multiple talismans increases the number that will be made, not the level of power of other services ordered to be cast into each. Each talisman must have a service cast into it directly, multiple talismans will not be created with a single service, but may be linked to each other so that if one is destroyed the second becomes active to provide a backup.

Multiple Services CAN Be combined into a single talisman, in situations where this is the case make a note of what services are being cast into the talisman.

Bindrune Ralismans will use a simple bindrune for the purposes intended. Custom Seals use a more complex Custom Seal, that may use runes and bindrunes, but is ultimately more complex regardless. AI Generated seals will use a seal selected by us from a selection of 25 - 100 generated AI seals. We begin with 25 seals, and then determine if we need to generate more. Only 1 seal is selected and available to you from the AI Generated option.

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