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Tiraness-Kel-Devor Starborn
  • Tiraness-Kel-Devor Starborn

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    A Celestial Elf Woman of great beauty, with deep black hair, and often wearing a dark flowing dress. She has considerable power over deep darkness and void magicks. She couples this with star magicks, calling on the flame of stars, for a unique mix of light and dark.

    Somewhat aloof and distant at times, she has a deep thinking mind, and a loyalty that is unsurpassed. This distance in her personality is more her contemplative nature, and not a lack of friendliness. She is a deep thinker, and spends much time thinking about complex and difficult philosophical puzzles and thoughts.

    She wields darkness and void magicks with a high level of mastery, coupled with Star Flame, a kind of fire that is connected to the energy of the stars. This unique mix of magicks means she can create elemental like forces of pure void and darkness, or out of Star Energies. For example she can have a void wind blow through the planes clearing out negative energies with the void power draining them, or heal one with fire made of star energy offset with the dark energies to keep that raging inferno of the stars from burning the one she heals. Her powers of unique light and dark energy means she can tackle tasks in any realm with solutions others may not think of, but also that she can approach our mundane problems with unique solutions. For her things like harmony and balance are essential to her practice so she often works well in those areas. As a guardian she is very capable, and while she doesn't fight “toe to toe” with foes in a knock down drag out, she creates powerful shields of unique forces and blasts of things hard to adapt to giving her advantages outside of the “punch it in the nose” variety of guardian.

    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 10, Guide 7, Healer 7, Mystic 8, Generalist 8

    Age: ~3,000 Years

    Offerings: Any offering of fire, such as candles, is welcome.

    Level: 32

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