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  • Trisktriskara

    $250.00 Regular Price
    $75.00Sale Price

    Spend $200 Save 5%, Spend $500 Save 10%, 2 Qty Min

    Appearing as a cat made of lightning and fire, they have vast elemental energy manipulation abilities. With the power of lightning, fire, and raw energy work they are a powerful combatant who can grow their size to that of a large lion, and utilize both the blasts of elemental energy as well as their great strength and hunting speed. They have a great loyalty to their companions, and enjoy affection and peace. They make a great guardian specifically because they do enjoy peace so much. They know some minor elemental magicks of other forms, but this is much lesser, and are capable of handling other tasks as well.

    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 8, Guide 1, Healer 2, Mystic 5, Generalist 4

    Age: ~ 500 Years

    Offerings: Any Acceptable

    Level: 25

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