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  • Tryggklo

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    A fast, witty, personable, and above all loyal Ulfr (Norse Wolf Spirit), she is in many ways speed incarnate, and focuses on fast movement, and powerful musculature. She is more than just a powerful fighter though, she is a guide, having many years in, and capable of some nature magicks, with more a focus on healing and cleansing than anything else. Her fur is a light blue color, and she favors ice magick when she uses it.


    She has a love of song, hearing stories be told, hearing about peoples days, and opportunities to both be cuddly and helpful to those around her. She's a big softy at heart so long as no danger is around, but she is fierce. When she talks, you can hear the sound of her howls, barks, and other noises, but she sends the thoughts she is conveying as a gentle voice, almost a whisper or intuition alongside those other sounds.


    Classification: Warrior 9, Guardian 6, Guide 10, Healer 8, Mystic 5, Generalist 6

    Age: ~8,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 22

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