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Vakker Blomst
  • Vakker Blomst

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    A Jotunn female warrior, she is strong, noble, dedicated, and focused. She has long blond hair, a muscular frame, and kind face and features. She has a deep level of knowledge of lightning magicks, and utilizes them for amazing levels of offense and defense. She creates weapons out of pure lightning, and can create barriers, shields, and defenses of lightning fields. Beyond this, she can instill other elements of air, water, fire, and earth into the bolts of lightning she fires allowing her to overcome elemental defenses against lightning, and making sure she always has an option to fight with. Outside of her lightning abilities, she's a capable battle healer, skilled in “healing songs” that can heal her and allies equally well.


    While very battle focused, when she is relaxing and resting she enjoys gentle musics, art, poetry, and things of that nature. She's got a very friendly and outgoing personality, but her nature of speech seems harsh. A valiant and noble friend, she quickly makes strong bonds with those around her, and her strength of character inspires others to be just a bit better than they were yesterday.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 10, Guide 3, Healer 6, Mystic 2, Generalist 2

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable

    Level: 42

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