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  • Venderfield

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    A powerful animal spirit, he appears as a blue squirrel, and utilizes earthen and water magicks to heal and protect, enhance and boost, and provide aid to his allies. He's a very friendly individual, fun to be around, and enjoys food as well as conversation. He is older than he would appear, and is knowledgable of many realms. His studies of other magicks allow him to fill many roles, and he has studied animal magicks of both flying and aquatic animal spirits, as well as having spent time studying with Elves, Fae, and Gnomes. Because of this he is a well rounded individual able to do many things, but his core focus is always going to be healing.

    Classification: Warrior 2, Guardian 4, Guide 5, Healer 8, Mystic 4, Generalist 4

    Age:~2,000 Years

    Offerings: Water offerings preferred, any are accepted.

    Level: 27

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