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  • Wellharm

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    A powerful Ent man, he appears as a tall man with dark skin and long hair when in his human form, standing about 8 feet tall. He also appears as a massive Redwood tree, but with a dark brown trunk. He has great power over nature magicks, healing, protection, and various other areas of utilizing the power of nature. He creates a kind of rythemic drumming with his enery and loves rich soil, and clean water.

    Personality: Somber, focused, but compassionate and kind. He loves nature, and clean energy, and as such focuses on healing and cleansing an area.

    Abilities: With vast power over the forces of nature, he has an ability to cleanse, clear, shield, heal, and otherwise promote powerful change for his keeper. He manifests through using nature, influencing the realm around him in a natural way, and is excellent for balancing out other energies toward positive outcomes. In the planes his power makes him formidable, difficult to assail, as he can bring a forest to any location, and control the trees and land to create a defense that is hard to overcome, or bind foes with roots and vines.

    Classification: Warrior 2, Guardian 7, Guide 8, Healer 10, Mystic 8, Generalist 10

    Age: Millions of Years Old

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable but fresh water or spring water is the most favored.


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