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Weshenwell Dorstraugh
  • Weshenwell Dorstraugh

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    A red haired Fae, of the Leanan Sidhe variety, who often wears blue dresses, and has bright white wings. She is well spoken, well red, and has a variety of knowledge on all things magickal, mystical, or arcane from her people. She is not as much a warrior as she is a scholar, often with her head in books. She is very interested in the nature of humanity, why we are as we are while only living a short period of time, and considers us unique and powerful because of how quickly we can grow and evolve. She enjoys learning about human cultures and traditions. With an upbeat and friendly personality she is genuinely fun and interesting to be around. She is around a thousand years old, and enjoys most offerings.

    Classification: Warrior 1, Guardian 5, Guide 9, Healer 6, Mystic 9, Generalist 8

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: Any are acceptable

    Level: 24

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