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Most of our services list a section called Purpose, which is the purpose you are purchasing the service for. While this is descriptive, we've found many clients have one of these common purposes they are looking for magickal aid in. This can be a great place to start looking to get an idea of what would be ideal for helping you in your goals.


A general amplification in your luck field, influencing base level probability around you to be favorable to an outcome, this can be more specific, but generalized works better.


A Countering force to things like readings and other “destiny” oriented situations. Fate shifts are powerful changes in your luck, probability, and ultimate destinations. Far more honed than luck, this is more efficient than a Luck work for working a singular point of change in the future.


This could be wealth, productivity, or things of that nature. Prosperity is all about getting what you want. This can be aimed more specifically toward one area or another, but it acts as an augment to what work you put in. Prosperity doesn’t drop the solution in your lap, but amplifies every effort to make it far more impactful in achieving your goal. Prosperity can also offer opportunities to be prosperous within it’s point of focus.

Road Opening

Road opening is very similar to prosperity working, but focuses more on new opportunities, guiding you to them, and making them available than just amplifying your existing work. If you feel stuck, be it in a spiritual, or physical direction, road opening can be a powerful option.


Love is another often sought after focus. We do not do targeted love spells, that is a love spell for a single person, but instead do spell work to help you find love with a person who is suited to you, and who you are suited for. We’re firm on this stance. Love workings can help you find the right partner, or open up opportunities to meet them.

Spiritual Power

This could be psychic amplification, energy body healing, amplifying senses, increasing spiritual activity, cleansing the spiritual self, cleansing a personal space or anything not focusing on the physical plane. This is not suited for banishing, but is great for getting a boost of energy, helping you work with a new type of energy, or instilling new energies into you.This is not an attunement, but an amplified charge of energy. If you take the time to work with new energies over the first month of this, you will develop new skills and abilities with them. If you are looking for a power you can personally call again and again look at our attunements section.



Not vengeance, but a balancing force. Justice is all about bringing forth the greater powers to aid one in achieving a retributive action in line not with the clients want, but within a balance of what has been done to them. We do not offer vengeance workings, but our renowned justice workings hit with high intensity. We recommend higher level workings for justice as most people do have a level of natural spiritual protection. Blessings focused on justice are a minor augment unless coupled and combined with many blessings, where Rituals provide that singular point of focus.


A subset of Spiritual Power that is very common is cleansing. This has to do with clearing negative energies from an area. Not suited for banishing negative spirits, this can remove their influence after they have left or been dealt with. Oftentimes the residual pain, energy, and essence of a conflict remains, be it a physical or spiritual one, in an area and cleansing is ideal for solving this.



Included in Spiritual Power often, Healing work provides augmentation to the energy bodies which can then help influence the physical, emotional, or mental bodies thereby improving overall health. We are not practicing physicians so this shouldn’t be used as a treatment for illness. That said, healing work is one of the oldest and most common forms of magick, and our methods help holistically improve your overall quality of life through focusing greater powers to aid in healing your various spiritual bodies, forces, and flows.


General Life Improvement

Good for encouraging overall growth, happiness, and harmony in your life. Services put to this purpose can impact many areas of your life, and has the greatest field of influence of all the possible options. Effectively the forces called to aid you provide a more gentle care, aiming to make your life happier, and improve overall. This is a great option to consider if you need a boost of magickal aid, but are unsure what area to ask for help in.


Protection is all about preventative measures, and is a good option for when you have a lot of negative influences in your life. Protection workings take a more passive approach to improving one's life by redirecting, shielding, or otherwise defending against negative outcomes. Protection is also good for spiritual situations in which one feels hampered or attacked and can provide some relief. Like all workings, protection is effective up to its level of power. Unlike other workings which often distribute power over time to get the best result for a client, protection workings provide a pool of energy keyed into the working, and used up as the protection is applied. Higher level protection workings will last much longer than lower level workings.

Psychic Amplification

Improving one's spiritual gifts or spiritual power, while often a long road, can be aided by mystical services and operations! While hard work and effort are still necessary to progress, our services can lend you a hand by amplifying, balancing, harmonizing, or healing your energy flows, or helping organize the energies flowing into you to be more beneficial toward your work.


Achieving peace within your life, or with a specific individual is one of the most often sought after goals of magick. When hard feelings run deep, or tempers run hot, being able to cool things down with a little magickal aid can be of incredible value.

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