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Awareness and Meditation

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The most basic meditation you are ever going to do to feel energy is perhaps the most overlooked meditation. Often times when a student, beginner, novice, or even one who has studied for awhile asks about feeling energy they begin by making the great mistake of leading the mentor in the wrong direction. They come to the mentor speaking of blockages, issues with opening the third eye, or other such things. Yet they have not mastered this more basic meditation and as such they may be failing to sense energy they can already feel.

This meditation I call “Awareness Meditation” and while it exists in many forms through many name I will refer to it as this here and now. The secrete to Awareness Meditation is that it begins focusing on what we sense daily, and moves on to learning how to use that sense as it concerns the extra sensory. The reason for this is that all sensation happens within the body on some level. No extra sense exists outside of the body. Even intuition which is often described as “that feeling in the pit of the stomach” is a feeling, a sensation found in the pit of the stomach. As soon as we remove this need for a sense to be outside of the body we must recognize we are not exceptionally aware of the existing senses.

Let us get on to the basic meditation then.

Step 1) Sit in a relaxed, upright position. You may choose to sit in any number of meditative poses but it is required only that you be seated for this. As you progress you will find you can do this meditation at any point. During this first exercise you will close your eyes to remove extra stimuli.

Step 2) Begin by focusing on your breathing. If you prefer to do deep breathing exercises that is fine but it is more imperative that you focus on the breathing than anything else.

Step 3) After focusing on the breathing for a few minutes shift your focus to the physical senses you are aware of. Take note of the surface you are sitting on. Take note of the air currents in motion around you as well. Notice the sounds you do not otherwise note, the sense of temperature. Ultimately the goal is to take in as much of the senses as possible. During this phase take the time to simply be as you are experiencing the senses.

Step 4) This step should only be taken after you have done steps 1 through 3 a number of times already. Attempting step 4 on the first meditation while not ill advised often leads one to not having the existing awareness of existing stimuli. In this step you are to take note of your senses, the air, the sounds, the internal feelings, but in this you are to contemplate which of those impressions have no physical source. Further all sensations, with and without physical source, are to be a source of contemplation on their meaning. Let the thoughts of these impressions come to you naturally.

So what does this Awareness Meditation do for you? It provides information to you about the energetic environment around you. Over time you learn to trust your senses, and in this trust you gain the ability to FEEL the energetic realm in motion. This is a core level meditation all mystics engage in at some point and has great benefits to the practicing mystic.

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