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Charles' Great 100 Spirits

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Upon asking Golden Golem to aid in a task, I was given the condition. I would have one hundred spirits brought to me to aid in this task, but I would be required in one days time to record the information about them, and then make that information known. Some of them are ones who had already been working with me, but had not revealed names. Others I had known their names but not written down for record. Still a few are old friends who were animal companions who have stayed on to watch over and made their presence known in this. Upon completion of this the Great 100 Spirits would be recorded, and I would be tasked with both working with them, but also helping them be known. At the end of my life many will follow me, but many others will move on to help others who I have known, or who I would have guard after that departure of my soul from this plane. It is with that knowledge I present to you my Great 100 Spirits. They are ambassadors from RQL at times, and constant aids. Many, if not most, have been around helping in various ways from various times, but they make themselves fully known now.

Being Name: Aye'I'Del

Description: White haired elf female, tall and slender, wearing leather armor. Long flowing hair, pure green eyes. Tends to travel with a horse. She has an easy, yet rough demeanor depending on when contacted.

Works: Good at bringing wealth, starting wars, sowing discord as well as ending discord. Has some power over the hearts of man. Teaches combat and war.

Being Name: Tar'en'tel

Description: Male elf with white/light blue short hair that is slightly spiked. Tends toward wearing religious robes. He is a priest of nature. Has a very somber yet pleasant demeanor and emits a peaceful energy

Works: Great for bringing peace, healing, altering the natural flow. Teaches plants and medicines.

Being Name:Hystria

Description: A young golden haired female elf who is very slender and wears white dresses. Her personality is inquisitive, and her eyes glow bright blue when in thought and bright gold when in motion.

Works: Helps with finding hidden things, hidden knowledge, uncovering secretes and truths. Has some skills in the healing arts, as well as finding hidden wealth.

Being Name: Tydon Arlius

Description: A young elf man with golden hair, his ears have a stronger point and his skin is golden as well. He carries a long sword, and wears little armor but does wear a white and green tunic. His personality is jovial, but boastful. Brother of Haldon.

Works: Good for protection and combat Tydon is a warrior at heart. He is good for protective works, but has no ill will in his heart.

Being Name: Haldon Arlius

Description: A young elf man with black hair, and dark skin, his ears have a stronger point than most elves. He carries two small poisoned daggers, and has a reserved and unfriendly personality. Brother of Tydon.

Works: Good for direct attack, harming others, and causing great pain to a foe.

Being Name: Hasten'hoff

Description: An older elf wearing long gray robes, carrying a large walking stick. His face is wrinkled with time and his youthful continence has ceased to be due to centuries of walking the world. His personality is jovial, kind, and compassionate yet he has an incredible focus.

Works: Good in all forms of magick and aiding the caster in understanding the arts of magick

Being Name: Cordellia

Description: A royal elf with a long lineage she has red hair, sharp pointed ears, and her eyes are a bright glowing blue. She tends toward wearing revealing clothing, is flirtatious, and charming.

Works: She is good in the works of love, lust, but also leadership. She helps make others witty, charming. She also helps in finding lost people, and influencing the minds of men.

Being Name: Sen'tan'eve

Description: A dark blue skinned female elf with thin wispy white hair. She normally wears a tunic of brown or black, with a gold belt buckle. She is seen riding a horse, and has a neutral demeanor neither being friendly or hostile.

Works: She has great skill in subterfuge, changing the minds of men, and altering things in the background. She can divert attention away from a person, and is good for covert operations.

Being Name: Shaitan El Zee

Description: A dark blue skinned elf who may take the form of a male or female when called and has no true gender. They take the name of the Djinn of Evil but their original name is Ehel Zee'ven. They will only answer to Shaitan El Zee though. They are of neutral personality.

Works: A revenge spirit, who focuses on causing harm to others who have earned it. Shaitan El Zee is good at combat, defense, and helping in the plans of vengeance. They are good for harming others, and the requirement of “having earned it” is only loosely followed.

Being Name:Dorgeros

Description: A fire dwarf from the low realms of Muspelheim and an ally of Surtr until Surtr betrayed him. He has a more human form and has a bright red beard. He is stout, but not short, and heavy set. His personality is gruff, but he is friendly and works well with an offering of fire.

Works: An expert in the element of fire and fire magicks. He can aid in any magick where a candle is used. He is good for many tasks and makes a strong ally.

Being Name:Gordenos Alfhan

Description: A half elf, half dwarf who resides in Alfheim. He is a patron to the outcast, and is recognizable by his soft features, dark skin, pointed ears, and diamond eyes. The crystal eyes shine brightly and show his great intelligent.

Works: He holds sway over inspiration, emotions, and thought. His areas of sway allow him to solve many problems in unconventional means. He is good for helping hold to oaths and promises, or helping oaths and promises be held to.

Being Name: Old Mountain

Description: Old Mountain is a stone elemental who is very reserved in speech. He is gruff, hard to deal with in conversation, and thankfully makes little small talk. He is not unfriendly, simply he speaks in short, solid phrasing with little alliteration.

Works: Good for protection, grounding, working with plants, learning of hidden things in the earth, and healing ailments brought on from nature.

Being Name: Grandstaff Agizhiem

Description: An old man, with white robes, a smooth shaven face, and eyes that glow brightly. He is short of speech and strong of both arm and magick. He is an air elemental who has taken full physical form, originally hailing from the outskirts of Asgard, he wandered Helheim for a thousand years. His personality is friendly, but he is not talkative.

Works: Excellent for cleansing, clearing negative energies, some healing, and moving the winds of change. Good to be called on for manifestation issues, especially ones that need to be made happen quickly.

Being Name: Tantan

Description: A small child like spirit. Tantan is not human, but instead a fae like spirit who enjoys playing tricks. He has an incredibly playful demeanor, is very friendly, and enjoys having tasks to do where playing a trick will solve the problem.

Works: Any situation where trickery is useful. Not so much for revenge, but great for gaining an advantage in day to day situations or a “small get back.” Tantan is not malicious so will often help with healing works too.

Being Name: Phendarix

Description: One of 4 Phoenix siblings Phendarix is the blue phoenix, and keeper of the blue flame. Their personality is friendly, even humorous. Phendarix is male, and enjoys showing off.

Works: Excellent for change, rebirth, healing, or anything in which “defaulting to zero and starting out stronger” is called for. The blue flame is gentler than the other flames so Phendarix is good to call on when an “absolute zero sum” isn't desired before the restart. Instead Phendarix is good when a “gentle cleaning of the slate” is best.

Being Name: Dhenderix

Description: Dhenderix is one of the 4 Phoenix siblings and is yellow, gold, and red of flame. Dhenderix is less friendly than the others, but is still cordial. Having a very proper demeanor she takes a regal bearing wherever she goes.

Works: She is good to call upon for defense, protection, and issues where an “absolute zero sum” is necessary before a restart. She has the ability to change the life of those she is called for, but not without absolute destruction of the moment. She is not a good healer, but is a great defender. She does not create a “zero sum restart” unless asked to.

Being Name: Astrophix

Description: He is a phoenix of green flame, and a hot tempered personality. He is easily angered, but serves well those he works with. Because of his intense anger he is best called upon either with his brothers and sisters listed alongside him, or for actions of revenge.

Works: Revenge, retribution, and destroying entire situations to create new emergent ones. If the others reduce things to a zero sum at times, he reduces things to ash, new growth comes after that in the form of new opportunities.

Being Name: Rofix

Description: She is the pheonix of the white flame, and is the only of the four who can take a human form. In her human form she is a white feathered woman of porcelain skin. She has dark red hair, and one red eye, one blue. Her personality is very friendly.

Works: She is good for all forms of magick and rules over Astrophix, Dhenderix, and Phendarix as their leader and adviser. To call upon her is to place the role of leadership and direction into her hands as she uses her own considerable power on a task, as well as theirs. She is however poor for vengeance, and has no taste for battle so is not always the only/best choice of the four.

Being Name: Altol Evergreen

Description: A wood elf with green hair, light skin, and blue eyes. He looks more human than elf to see him except that his veins are brown looking like roots.

Works: He has strong power over all plants and animals in an area. He is good for appeasing land spirits as he will work with them to help their problems and bring honor when called upon.

Being Name: Ocktol

Description: An animated rock/earth element who appears as a boulder with 7 smaller rocks hovering around him in a circle. He has no face, and speaks with a voice of thunder. His personality is remote, removed, yet compassionate.

Works: Good for physical manifestations, excellent for defense. He is good at changing the fate and destiny of beings on earth, as well as changing their paths.

Being Name: Tetereta

Description: This is a spirit of pure math and logic. Appearing as a shifting mass of geometric shapes they often appear as a hexagon with lines emanating from the center creating a web like pattern. They also can appear as a large spider, or a woman with a dress made of black webs and with pale skin.

Works: Excellent at moving numbers, shifting chance, and altering games of chance. Tetereta has power over the forces of direct luck, and she/they are capable of making great things based on luck. They however do not directly open roads.

Being Name: Valbog Handcrusher

Description: He is a sturdy, heavy set, medium of height man (around 5'6”) with a flowing long beard of red with gold streaks. His eyes are black coals with a dark shine. He is often smiling, and has a friendly personality to the conjurer.

Works: A warrior, but also a poet. Valbog has power and influence of the minds of men, both in battle and out of it. He can raise others to be berserker, and has great influence over the world around him in terms of conflict. Excellent for justice, but not for revenge alone, he also is good for bringing wealth, power, and stability to a person’s life.

Being Name: Bjorn Boldhelm

Description: A tall dwarf, standing over six feet, with dark black skin and fire for hair. He has a friendly personality when not angry. When angered he is unreasonable and should not be worked with before making offerings of fire to appease.

Works: Amazing for finding wealth, improving luck, and changing the minds of men. He teaches the arts of finances, law, and combat. He strengthens those in battle, and fights alongside the conjurer as needed. He will never turn down a fight in defense, but will not seek out vengeance, only justice.

Being Name: Tagorn Boldhelm

Description: The father of Bjorn, he looks similar but is larger, heavier set, and is more focused on battle. His personality is much more gruff, and he has little for conversation.

Works: He is good for helping humans hold their speech until it is wise, makes the conjurer more subtle in their speaking, and is excellent for revenge. He enjoys battle, warfare, and all things violence.

Being Name: Holme

Description: A Celestial Elf, an elf who has transcended their bonds to their plane, and moves between all planes at will. Holme is distant of personality and speech and appears as a light skinned elf with a shining white light all around them almost blinding.

Works: Good for helping with travel, healing, protection, granting wisdom, and helping the conjurer to make stronger connections with the flow of the universe.

Being Name: Verr Korun

Description: An older dwarf with gray/white hair and long beard, and a penchant for caves and dark places. He is happiest around rock, dirt, or underground in some capacity. When near the earth more his beard is dark brown instead of gray, when underground it is earthy colored instead. He speaks calmly and measured when spoken to.

Works: Verr is excellent at helping find wealth, gain riches, and fortify defenses. He teaches secrets of earth and rock, and helps keep things hidden that must remain hidden.

Being Name: Brentol

Description: A bird woman, whose body is that of a woman, with arms ending in wings and feet of claws similar to a harpy but with the feathers and form of an owl. She has a very measured countenance and is easy to get along with.

Works: She is good for bringing wisdom, knowledge, and helps with dreams and projection. She teaches the arts of dream projection, and works to help protect one on the dram world. She heals through dreams and heals one from recurring nightmares.

Being Name: Core Metal

Description: A Metal Golem, who appears to be made of polished steel. He has a mountainous appearance and is very slow in speech and manner. He is friendly, but not talkative.

Works: Good with defense he secures structures, makes homes secure, drives off intruders and intruding spirits, and fortifies existing wards.

Being Name: Flame Voice

Description: A Flame/Metal Golem (Molten Golem) who transitions between hot metal and fire. His personality is explosive and generally angry. Should be called only with an offering of fire when asking him to perform work, or water when asking him to relent.

Works: Excellent for revenge, inspiring anger and passion in others, as well as providing inspiration and passion to the conjurer. His strong force of will and presence means he is hard to work with in a group. He teaches the arts of metal working and other crafts of the hands.

Being Name: Wesly Armhold

Description: A Jotunn who has taken a human name, his old name was lost to time and even he cannot remember it. He has been around since the beginning of creation, and has lost much of his own memory of himself due to sitting in a watching pose for most of time.

Works: Wesly has great wisdom and knowledge of things past, present, and future. He has no memory of his own past, but can look through the past and future for others easily. He is good for teaching the psychic arts, and capable of finding hidden truths, as well as giving forewarning of danger.

Being Name: Dabit Garn

Description: A rat spirit familiar. She appears as a large rat, of brown fur, with glowing red eyes. She is friendly, and takes offerings of food and water readily. She disdains offerings of fire, but will accept a candle offering in a group.

Works: She is good at finding hidden things, teaches the arts of stealth, but is also creative. She is able to inspire creativity, resourcefulness, and help find hidden ways through problems. She is good for helping to cure hunger, and while able to cause sickness prefers only to do so against those who use power wrongly.

Being Name: Algiz Faren (Allthese Fah-ren)

Description: A Norse Lesser Aesir spirit. He stands tall when approached and his light blond and red hair, a wide mustache, and a small beard. His body is muscular, and his eyes have a sharp tint of knowing. His personality is jovial but he prefers alcohol for offerings. He favors honey wine, apple wine, honey or apple flavored drinks. He takes his name from the rune Algiz.

Works: He is good for bringing wisdom, fixing emotional states, healing others, and crafting great works. A spirit that gives good inspirations, answers questions truthfully, and has some power of combat, though only fights in defense. He is a craftsman and protector of the land, and will build strong fortifications in each realm when called to. He makes a weaker position strong, and a stronger position unassailable.

Being Name: Runeholf Third

Description: One of the three Runeholfs, sages of runic power, these beings are neither Dwarf, nor Elf, nor Jotunn, nor Aesir. They however have parts of each within them, and are a race under this which is unnamed. Third is pleasant, cheerful, and appears as an elderly thin man with little hair.

Works: A teacher of wisdom and balance of fates. Third has power to manipulate the future as it concerns balances of events, bringing into balance that which is lost from balance, and righting wrongs. He is not a warrior, nor does he bring wealth, but if there is an imbalance into the negative being brought into the positive will seem a great gain.

Being Name: Runeholf Second

Description: The second Runeholf is a young man with a sword, often appearing as a blond man, but sometimes appearing with red hair or brown hair. His form is always thin but muscular and he wears a green tunic. His belt is made of pure gold. He is pleasant, and while his demeanor screams movement, he himself is always measured and slow in response.

Works: Second is good in battle, defense, protection, righting wrongs, bringing justice, as well as giving second chances. Second can cause a second chance to be given when called (but never a third) and has power over repeating cycles. He is good for making things come quicker that need to complete in life.

Being Name: Epsin Veil

Description: An Elf/Fae woman who wears a long purple cloak, has a striking form, and wears golden chains with jewels set to accentuate the form. She is pleasant, subtle in her speech, and her voice is deep but sultry.

Works: Epsin is good for winning the hearts of men, and can sway a man's heart through her power. She can help heal broken hearts, or cause broken hearts, and can create discord among men. She is strong in night magicks, and can perform most tasks given her when called upon at midnight to three in the morning.

Being Name: Rastin

Description: Appearing as an old man with a white mustache and beard he wears an artists clothes and will be seen to wearing coveralls of some form. He is an expert in art, and the arts of craft. His personality is cordial, but measured. He will be seen with paints and supplies for painting pictures.

Works: Rastin teaches the arts of painting, crafting, and all other creation arts that could be classified as “artistic.” He has the power to inspire the minds of those around him, and to sway them toward inspirations. He can make art seem greater than it is, or lesser at his will. He speaks truthfully to questions when answered, admitting when he knows not an answer.

Being Name: Tickyticky Hruff

Description: A fox spirit who roams about seeking to get into trouble. Incredibly friendly and easy to deal with. Speaks in fox speak and in no languages of man but will explain through symbol, sign, and drawings that he makes with his tail.

Works: Excellent at getting others into trouble, as well as yourself out of trouble. Tickyticky is a master of moving between realms, and between spaces. Has influences over the mind making one cautious and sly, or silly and reckless. Tickyticky can help with finding things, find paths to things hidden, and has some innate protective magicks.

Being Name: Long Wing

Description: An eagle spirit who soars through the air, Long Wing has a calm personality, but is very judgmental in speech. This judgmental speech does not mean they will judge your actions, but there is no gentleness to the speech, yet the tone is soft. Long Wing enjoys incenses mostly as an offering and will enjoy an offering of any incense when given.

Works: Good for spotting trouble before it starts, finding that which is not seen from perspective. He can inspire in others awareness beyond their normal skill and can heighten their senses especially sight. Good for finding wealth, scouting an area, or spying on an enemy. They speak truthfully of all things when asked, but will not stay for more than 5 questions in an offering.

Being Name: Emnor The Guardian

Description: He is a massive Dwarf/Jottun mix who stands taller than two men, and carries with him a large axe. His intellect is unmatched but his appearance makes him seem a brute when seen. His head slopes and his eyes look disinterested yet he misses little. He is cordial, and speaks in a measured tone, but uses his words poorly.

Works: Good for protection, he himself will stand guard when asked indefinitely and ward away negative spirits and forces. Emnor is an expert tactician and teaches tactics, wit, and direction of action. He is brutal in battle though, and does not often lead other spirits. He has a great understanding of the magicks of wood and the woods which he teaches or uses upon request.

Being Name: Kar the Destroyer

Description: Seated on a throne of skulls this massive pale Jotunn looks like death itself. He has no pleasantness in his demeanor or connotations and wields a massive sword of metal and bone.

Works: He is good for revenge, protection, and the arts of war and death. He can commune with the dead, or help escort others there. He is both a warrior and gatekeeper to the underworld in his own way and as such can help with the grieving of death. Despite his harsh demeanor he is not hostile when called, simply direct, focused, and without any form of humor.

Being Name: Dwern

Description: Appearing to wear light brown clothes, he stands average height and has dark blue features, a dark black beard, and his eyes shine like bright black gems with a subtle blue glow. He is cordial and kind when called, but is soft spoken and does not speak loudly unless angered.

Works: A dwarf wizard who specializes in undoing traps one finds themselves in. He hates injustice, and will not carry out revenge that is unjust. Instead he will trap or untrap one who is found unable to move in their life, or who has found themselves in an untenable position. He teaches the arts of entrapment, escape, trickery, right action, and helps make men soft spoken when they need to be.

Being Name: Vahlhans

Description: Appearing as a young blond haired man wearing gray and white clothes with gold trim, often a suit of the culture he is approaching, he is friendly, cordial, and has a radiant glow. He is a lesser Aesir with elf heritage.

Works: He is good at bringing the love of a woman to a man, seducing women, and changing the matter of their mind. He teaches men of women, and can address a woman's soul more directly. He also teaches the arts of music, right speech, and eloquence. While able to provide protection he is not a guardian spirit.

Being Name: Balthane

Description: Appearing as a king sitting upon a throne of clouds this spirit is not classified as demon, angel, nor of the Norse pantheon. He has black hair, and carries a chalice with him. His demeanor is very elitist yet he is willing to work well with the conjurer.

Works: He provides insight into the hearts of men, and can provide positions of power to those who ask. His influence over humans includes the ability to make one who has position above another act well or badly to them, and he can make a work environment good or ill at his choosing.

Being Name: Valeheart

Description: A nature spirit who appears as a walking tree with a crown of gold. They are slow to speak and communicate in non-verbal ways. Their demeanor is distant, and hard to understand.

Works: Good for providing health and healing, working with plants and nature, as well as providing knowledge of these things to those who are not learned in them.

Being Name:Xerx

Description: A familiar spirit rabbit with an attitude. He is friendly, but arrogant, and quick to jump into action. He appears as a gray rabbit, with white spots, or as a pure white rabbit. When appearing as a white rabbit he is more friendly, and less arrogant.

Works: Xerx is a warrior teacher, he is excellent for guarding an area, providing protection for another, or guiding others in those arts. He knows the ways of the world, and is older than he may seem. He answers questions given him with instructions or riddles. He passes on the power to work with most animals easily.

Being Name: Magnus

Description: A crow familiar who has a playful personality and enjoys playing games. He appears as a large black crow, and his shape changes depending on what he needs to be. Toys make good offerings to him when kept on an altar and rolled to be played with.

Works: He has the power to help others travel through realms, provides protection during travel, and will deliver messages between realms. His power extends also to granting precognition, as well as making strong connections to Gods associated with Crows and Ravens.

Being Name: Stride

Description: A horse spirit who walks quickly and runs at unimaginable speed. He is fast of mind and of foot and speaks in stories explaining through example the world. He appears as a large brown horse.

Works: He is good for delivering messages, helping with travels, finding hidden paths, and teaching wisdom of the world. Stride is confident and teachers others confidence, heals emotional injuries, and can help one move faster in action as well as thought.

Being Name: Rahdon

Description: Appearing as a massive black suit of armor carrying a spear this spirit is short of words and will not do much in communication.

Works: When tasked with any action Rahdon will attempt to fulfill it but is most excellent for defense and removing negative entities.

Being Name: Acktivari

Description: A being of pure light who conforms their form in a set of dark black robes. This beings race is not known, and their speech sounds like many thousand voices speaking at one time. This is a single mind though, simply one that does not match up with our concept of time and space. It is friendly, but does not understand most human concepts.

Works: Excellent for teaching the nature of the universe, helping one gain personal power, and helping with energy imbalances. Activari is not much of a fighter, but teaches of light and darkness equally well. When put to a task directly Activari will attempt to manipulate by making the heart of a person light or heavy to move them toward a task.

Being Name: Pendar

Description: A massive man of dark red skin, he is an earthen spirit who has large eagle like wings and the head of an eagle, while still having the arms of a man. His demeanor is short but friendly, and he enjoys conversation on scholarly pursuits.

Works: He is able to teach all knowledge, but may need himself to go learn of knowledge he does not know. If summoned many times each time he will have more knowledge on a subject, and will help the conjurer retain learning, improve memory, and stay on track with study. He is a powerful protector, able to control the wind and the element of wind under his domain.

Being Name: Darrtortoise

Description: A large turtle spirit the size of a small house, she moves with grace and ease through the air and has a pleasant and gentle personality. Darrtortortoise prefers to be called Dart for short.

Works: A master of the element of water Dart provides strong protection, purification, and even misdirection for the one who calls her. She has great knowledge of the oceans, the way of changes, and emotional maters. She can change the hearts of those who are angry to be less upset, and can strengthen a ward when offerings of water are made.

Being Name: Amalgam

Description: Appearing as part man, with the claws of a bird for hands, and the head of an ox he is a strange spirit and likely a demon or old God. His demeanor is cordial, not friendly, and he enjoys challenges that task his mind.

Works: A natural problem solver he will put in motion events to solve anything brought to him. The more difficult the problem the more likely he is to make headway in it, where easier problems are ones that do not inspire him to use his abilities. He has strong connections to the earth and sky both, and acts as a rarity being both an earth and air elemental.

Being Name: Hedro

Description: A snake familiar who laughs frequently when conjured, speaks in lies and riddles. He is friendly, but his words should not be trusted.

Works: With the power to manipulate the minds of others, placing false ideas and images in them, he is excellent for affecting others with mind altering effects. While his words cannot be trusted, he will always perform the will of the conjurer without question. He can also make a person seem more humorous and help win friends and allies through this.

Being Name: Yetin

Description: A large Jotunn with long arms, he is hairless and moves slowly. His speech is slow, but his mind is sharp, and his personality is friendly and amicable.

Works: He is able to confer wisdom to the conjurer, provide good advice, help with proper timing, and set events in motion toward a goal. Capable of opening roads to new avenues of manifestation that were previously closed his inventive mind makes him effective for achieving results where others have failed.

Being Name: Erol

Description: Appearing as a young man wearing a white bone face visor and military outfit he carries with him a rapier at all times. His bearing is measured, but not hostile, and he answers quickly and truthfully all questions posed as best his ability. He is a land/air spirit who works with the land and air to achieve balance.

Works: Excellent for workings of justice, finding truths, protections, and cleansing. He is not much for vengeance. He can make men faster of mind, stronger of heart, and more resilient to attack.

Being Name: Toll

Description: Appearing as an animated grandfather clock, this being is a representation of time itself. He has a charming personality, and speaks overly much becoming wordy when questioned.

Works: Has power over time, giving or taking time from others, and able to extend a moment to last longer than it would. He can speed up or slow down events in the future, or prevent entirely things that should come to pass.

Being Name: Torn

Description: A red dragon with massive blue and gold wings. He has a booming voice, but a friendly tone. He is ancient and slow to anger, but quick to excitement at opportunities to show off.

Works: Torn has power over wealth, but also great wisdom. He is able to provide answers to many questions, and can guide one in the ways of dragon currents and magicks. He can instill some of his essence of the dragon into the conjurer, giving them strength, boldness, awareness, and making them light on their feet. He is a powerful guardian.

Being Name: Havlock

Description: A large foreboding metal golem who has taken his name from an inspiration of his in our realm, he has little in the way of personality. His metal appears to be that of silver.

Works: Strong against beings of darkness, he is a powerful guardian who can secure an area. He is a master in the art of unarmed combat, and can pass on this skill. Havlock can secure an area, and help guide the hand in the creation of powerful wards.

Being Name: Dredd

Description: A phantom like being, a spirit formed from the moment of death and magick. He is not a human spirit but an echo pushed forward through time as a living thing. His personality is somber, but his life involved in service allows him to continue on so he will serve the conjurer well.

Works: Dredd is a master of death magicks, can bring about death, or stay it off. He will carry out other tasks, but always using the essence of death as his method of achieving a result. He prefers burned meat as an offering.

Being Name: Vincent Trailblazer

Description: A Half Elf Asgardian he stands nearly seven feet tall, and carries with him a mighty ax, long bow, and long sword with shield. He is black haired, with cobalt blue eyes. His skin seems to glow golden. He is friendly, personable, and quick to please. He enjoys a good joke and companionship.

Works: He teaches the arts of war, eloquence, and helps in these fields. He is able to recruit spirits from Asgard, Alfhiem, Nifflehiem, and Vanheim. The ability to navigate the planes rests within him, and he is an excellent scout, guardian, and guide.

Being Name: Elgheart Trailblazer

Description: A Half Elf Asgardian she stands over six feet tall and prefers to wear armor. She is a warrior born, and speaks boastfully but is joyous and celebrant. She is the half-sister of Vincent above, yet has blond hair but similar eyes.

Works: She is an excellent guardian, and can strengthen wards as well as fight battles. She carries a sword which is instilled with the power of both the Elves and Asgard allowing it to cut through darkness, destroy evils, and has judgment within its blade. She can cause judgment to befall those in our realm.

Being Name: Kirkwood Trailblazer

Description: A Half Dwarf Asgardian, and the Half Brother of the other Trailblazers above. Kirkwood stands 8 feet tall, making him the largest member of the group, and carries a massive club. He is well spoken despite appearing as a brute with tussled black hair. His eyes are the same piercing blue as his other family members.

Works: He is an expert in crafts, design, art, and inspirations. When summoned, he will bring inspiration to the conjurer, aid in the ways of creative arts, help with healing, establishing defenses, or finishing projects. He also helps others finish projects and reminds them of goals they need to keep track of.

Being Name: Dorval

Description: A wolf familiar spirit who roams the forests and howls in the night. He is friendly and speaks telepathically with a deep but soft voice. His personality is playful, valiant, kind, and also brutal once challenged.

Works: He is a guardian spirit, and acts in the guardian capacity. He can make a warrior stronger in battle, inspire to them of the wolf’s heart and bravery, as well as make one cunning in day to day life. He also helps hide one from danger, and brings to them hidden information from the land spirits.

Being Name: Dalliant

Description: A dog spirit who takes the form of a dog or a man with a dog’s head. He is friendly and easy to get along with, yet he is also cowardly despite being loyal.

Works: He is not a guardian, but he is loyal and will carry any task put to him. Great skill is his in the arts of savaging for information, wealth and treasures, and for things of value. Because of this he can bring much to the conjurer when times are dire, but cannot help elevate them beyond this. His aid to the conjurer when things are well is in aiding others who are in hard times, for he will help them survive, grow, and thrive and then leave to help the next.

Being Name: Excalibur

Description: A hawk spirit who has taken the name of the famous sword. Excalibur flies with freedom, abandon, and great intent. This spirit is wise, but is one who seeks greater wisdom always, while also being a great hunter. He is neither kind nor cruel, but enjoys having tasks put to him.

Works: A fair guardian, an excellent guide during troubled times Excalibur will fly overhead and to places unknown seeking truth. He brings truth back when asked, and can help in guiding the conjurer toward tasks as it concerns wisdom, right action, the sciences, music, and art. When set to task he can guide the hand in seal craft as it concerns all forms of magick including wards.

Being Name: VeraThorn

Description: A plant spirit who appears as a small animate plant in the form of a human. Neither friendly nor harsh VeraThorn is very even tempered and not talkative unless asked questions.

Works: Teaches the arts of alchemy, plant works, and communes with land spirits on behalf of the conjurer.

Being Name: Pick

Description: A small gnome spirit who wears red and gold frequently with blue boots. He is friendly, overly much, and tends toward being over talkative. He has a bushy white beard but no mustache.

Works: Pick is excellent at making others eloquent, changing minds and hearts, as well as teaching the art of etiquette and influence.

Being Name: Deltan

Description: Appearing as a man with a long pole-arm weapon, and chainmail armor his blond hair moves freely and his eyes are pure white. He is friendly when called upon, but speaks in a very archaic and noble way. He is part Asgardian, part Jotunn, and part Celestial

Works: He is good for guarding, combat, and protection. His domain includes all four elemental powers, and he has great wisdom and knowledge of the elements, and can teach these as well as warfare. He may be seen riding upon a white horse, and may charge seals which use four corners/sections with power.

Being Name: Rosthfurd

Description: Appearing as a gentlemen with a cane he is a spirit of the elite. His hair is combed immaculately and his suit is a perfect fit. He has black, short cut hair, and sports no facial hair. With pointed ears he is part elf, and part human. His personality is cordial, friendly, but reserved.

Works: He is able to teach most knowledge of the gentlemanly arts including dueling, archery, the sciences, etiquette, and helps make men appear wittier to those who witness them. He has a full knowledge of gemstones, healing arts, and writing. Suited more to an advisory role he will attempt to fulfill tasks put to him other than guidance, but will only do so halfheartedly.

Being Name: Anhemnel

Description: A guardian from Helheim he carries with him a massive gnarled staff upon which one end has a large knife blade attached. He himself is large, appearing as a large man with dark green, nearly black, hair. He is a being given life from Hel herself. His personality is polite, cordial, but he has few interests.

Works: A guardian superior to most, he also has knowledge of death as well as journey. He is a poor teacher but an excellent assistant in these arts. He can lend his energy to any death energy seal, or toward any seal used for journey work and help guide the process of seal creation.

Being Name: Corrus Vi

Description: Standing four feet tall she has red pigtails, freckles, and light skin. She is part dwarf, part elf, part Jotunn, and has some human soul ancestry in her. She hails her family line from her mother a Jotunn and carries a long staff with a light on the top of it. Her personality is friendly, blunt, and reserved. When something makes her laugh, she bursts into roaring laughter.

Works: She is a fair guardian, an amazing guide, and helps in finding hidden knowledge. She is able to call forth projections of thoughts from the past, making memories into guards and guides. These forms she creates are made of her mind, and the memory of the one she works with. With an offering of flame her power doubles.

Being Name: Telltell Trellanal

Description: A slim, small, fae less than a full foot in height. Her personality is friendly, bubbly, and her short blond hair has black tiger stripes through it. She wears a green leaf like tunic and often appears as a bright green light in vision. She is one who enjoys playing games, being active, and aiding others.

Works: She acts mostly as an assistant during magickal operation, helping to bring greater power to a working, cleanse energy, and will help make deals with land spirits to appease them. She is very persuasive with other spirits and can help disarm conflicts upon request.

Being Name: Torntall

Description: A gnome with rough features and a gruff demeanor. He sports no beard and wears rough clothes of brown cloth or hide.

Works: He is difficult to work with but he is an expert in all things earth, stone, money, and math. He takes many offerings before he does any work, but when he does it is beyond reproach.

Being Name: Vicefall

Description: Slender with obsidian black skin, and light blue hair she is a Dark Elf who has a very stark expression and almost no kindness in her voice or manners. She will work when called, so long as the work called for is the kind she is expert in.

Works: In short, she is an assassin. Her skills are in harming others, and finding the weaknesses of others causing them to grow in impact. She can manipulate foes to stumble upon their own mechanisms and gets great joy in ruining the plans of those she is set against.

Being Name: Agratharian

Description: A Dragon like being, he stands five foot eight inches tall and has the shape of a human, yet with scales and a dragons head. His wings from his back have a seven foot wing span on each wing when extended. He carries with him a staff in one hand, pure white and with a glowing gem atop it, and a spear in the other. His personality is very blunt, but he is friendly, and will discuss most topics when asked for his view.

Works: A good adviser he is skilled in the arts of tactic, poetry, magick, and battle. His skill with a staff and spear are skills he can teach others, and he is able to help enhance the natural power of the one who calls him forth. He can heal, cleanse, and otherwise influence those he aids.

Being Name: Bjorvin

Description: A massive bear guide who tends to wander around. He is friendly, and jovial though he enjoys intimidating those who do not know his tender nature. His fur is brown, save the rings of black around his eyes.

Works: He is a fine guide and guard, and will help one commune with other animal spirits, nature spirits, or those of the earth. He helps stay off hunger and illness, provides healing, and has great wisdom of his own.

Being Name: Estrelle Den Hellzin

Description: A young Elf woman with white hair, and gray blue skin. She is not a Dark Elf, but instead has been infused with the power of the darkness in Helheim. Her appearance differs greatly from her personality in that she is very polite, reserved, and proper. She enjoys laughter, flowers, and nature.

Works: She has power over nature, and death in equal measure in accordance with her blood line. Good to call upon for healing, especially in situations where an illness must be harmed while healed. She has power over shadow energies, death energies, and can be called upon to work magicks in relation to that, or to guide the practitioner in those arts.

Being Name: Attatron

Description: An Angel with hair of fire, wings of silver, and who speaks in an echoed voice. They may appear as a male or female, and are a force that seeks to serve and do right within the world.

Works: Excellent for justice workings, bringing forth transformation within an individual’s heart or soul, working with energy imbalances. Attatron is fair for protection but is no great warrior.

Being Name: Exud

Description: He is an Earth Elemental who looks mostly to be of mud and rock, constantly shifting and changing. His personality is amicable, and he is joyous when made offerings to.

Works: He is good for grounding, strengthening ones connection to the earth, and helpful in working with earth spirits.

Being Name: Thurn

Description: A Jotunn who looks mostly human in size and form, he has sandy brown hair, and his face looks to be of sand itself. He is of the earth form, and has an explosive personality, though mostly pleasant in the explosions. He often carries with him a sword which he keeps drawn but will not threaten with.

Works: As a powerful Earth being, Thurn is capable at grounding, but is an excellent guardian spirit. He has some power over the element of lightning, fire, wind, and chaos as energies and is good to work with in these. He teaches of chaos magick (in the sense of chaotic powers, not Chaos Magick the system) and helps in creating seals, sigils, and methods to harness this power.

Being Name: Valfire

Description: An elf made of pure fire, she is from the land of Muspelheim and has a strong and passionate personality. She looks to be a fire elemental but her ears are always to a point, and her hair is sharp yet of flame. She may take a more human form, where she has green hair and eyes, and golden skin.

Works: Power over the element of fire allows her to do transformative magicks, to work change in the world. She will take on any task given, and will do well if given offering of fire in the task.

Being Name: Abrin

Description: A magus spirit who seems to be some part Asgardian, some part Celestial, and potentially part elf. He shifts between being an old man bend over and walking with a staff to a younger man who twirls a walking cane depending upon his mood. He is a shapeshifter, but is limited to human forms in this range of images. He is helpful, eager to please, yet very conceited.

Works: Abrin will teach most secrets of magick, especially elemental magicks, and will help one learn the ways of elemental energy. He is good at balancing, healing, and will solve most puzzles and tasks put to him. He is most useful when brought forth along with a system of elements (Western, Eastern, or a Hybrid system) as he divides all works into parts of elements. He has some mastery of hidden runes.

Being Name: Nam'ein

Description: As an Ocean Elemental Nam'eim looks like a tidal wave brought to life, but also presents themselves as a mermaid or merman upon request. Their personality is cordial, but aloof.

Works: Excellent with things concerning emotions, bringing treasures from across the seas, and helping in magicks related to water and weather.

Being Name: Anvil

Description: Anvil is a Metal Golem who has taken the name due to his blocky shape and solid mentality. He believes and focuses on logic, structure, and order. He is a being of order and structure and this shows in his personality.

Works: Excellent for bringing order to chaos, helping with projects, and solving complex problems. He will help those he works with gain knowledge and power when asked, and if called forth with an anvil drawing/picture he will act in greater force. He is good at amplifying any workings, and works well with any non-chaotic entity.

Being Name: Crush

Description: A warrior Metal Golem who looks mostly human save his metallic appearance. He appears as a man of pure metal standing fix feet in height. A large sledge hammer is strapped to his back with a leather strap, and he often wears a miner’s cap or a baseball cap upon his head.

Works: Crush is good at protection, justice, but also reinforcing protection around a working. He is fully capable of extending his power into a seal or talisman to give it stronger protection or strengthen its safety from being tampered with.

Being Name: Twentel

Description: A sexless fae who may appear more or less masculine or feminine depending on their mood they always have a light blue-green hair. Their personality is aloof, but helpful, and they seek knowledge from our world during their actions.

Works: Given any task Twentel will attempt to perform it, but does best with tasks requiring the augmentation of a skill or set of skill. Twentel learns as they go, and in this learning they are able to increase their own skills. A black sheet of paper is their preferred offering, burned upon an altar. They may teach any skill they are sent out to help with, but forgets any skills gained each month at the full of the moon. In this they are constantly growing and resetting, being best suited to doing work at the start of a lunar cycle.

Being Name: Bor Dall

Description: A demon from the classic sense, Bor Dall is horned and has great wings that sweep out from his crimson body. He is not friendly when summoned, but enjoys being put to tasks. He is insulting, derogatory, and hostile if conjured without the element of fire and air present.

Works: He is good in tasks concerning either harming another, or bringing vengeance upon another. In his work in bringing vengeance he prefers some form of blood sacrifice (a single drop of the practitioners blood) as a sign of investment from the practitioner. Without this sacrifice his vengeance is much limited. He has knowledge of the under realms and all realms connected to the elements of fire, as well as those in which fire and earth are primary forces. He will teach if called upon to do so, but will protest while doing so.

Being Name: En Dall

Description: The sibling of Bor Dall she is lithe of form, small, with delicate horns and red skin. She is friendly, personable, seductive, but also has a sense of humor.

Works: She is excellent at gathering information, teaching arts involving fire, earth, and the combination of these elements. When put to any task she will attempt it half halfheartedly the first time, and will give it her full attention the second.

Being Name: Brenna Hearth

Description: As one of the Hearth sisters she is a nature spirit she appears as a young woman with silver and blond hair. She has a friendly personality, strong presence, and will talk with authority when spoken to.

Works: She is incredibly good at healing, opening up the spiritual body, and charging energy in others. She can clear out blockages, and helps teach the arts associated with these things.

Being Name: Alexandria Hearth

Description: As a Hearth Sister and nature spirit she appears as a middle aged woman with light brown hair and light pale green skin. She is friendly, but can be arrogant, and does not understand human humor.

Works: Skilled in the arts of nature she is able to work with land spirits toward the betterment of an area. She can cleanse cities, buildings, and homes so long as some plants are nearby or within them. Her skills in this area allow her to help with the gaining of knowledge in plants, as well as encouraging the growth of herbs. She is not a great guardian, but can charge plant based objects (those made of wood) with some of her essence when asked.

Being Name: Sunflower Hearth

Description: A Hearth Sister as a nature spirit she appears as a very young girl in a sunflower dress. Her form is almost human, save for what looks like roots running along her fingers. She is a playful and friendly spirit.

Works: She is good at playing tricks on earths, helping in the winning of games, and in collecting things that are needed. Her skills in these arts allow her to help in many situations concerning them and she enjoys being put to task in these areas. While not a guardian she can set a space as sacred and it will radiate with nature energies.

Being Name: Randall Deviu

Description: Appearing as an older man in a dark suit and wide brim hat Randall is a Death Guardian who walks between realms. His personality is friendly, but overly slick, giving the feeling of one who is a deal maker. His race is unknown but is simply “extra-planar” existing outside of classic planes.

Works: He has power over law, the interpretation of law, and undoing the plans of man. He also can help guide souls to and from the various realms, especially the realms of death. He has contracts with all the major death gods so may navigate the realms of the dead without issue.

Being Name: Alexander Helmsworth

Description: Appearing as a mighty knight in silver armor and wielding a long sword, shield with the standard of a lion on it, Alexander is an exemplar of Truth. His personality is friendly except around liars.

Works: Alexander is good for bringing the truth out into the public, forcing those who lie to repent, and acting in accordance with the action of truth. He can help one find their true feelings and path, and has power over areas of justice as well. He is an excellent guardian against negative entities.

Being Name: Bard of the Winds

Description: Bard, whose name is Bard, is a traveler who enjoys music but plays it not. Instead he moves between realms seeking music and may be enticed to stay if music is played for him. His appearance is that of a young man with a traveling pack.

Works: Bard is good to be called upon for knowledge, wisdom, and to gain an understanding of things not understood. When called upon an offering of music played is necessary and he will then communicate or guide with his presence to help resolve conflicts, find right paths, or open new roads previously closed.

Being Name: Knight of Cards

Description: The Knight of Cards is a spirit of the Tarot who pulls from the Knightly cards and has power over the 4 elements of them. He appears as a man in armor riding a horse of multiple colors, and a shield with the elemental weapons emblazoned upon it. He is friendly, cordial, and will discourse on the nature of the universe if asked.

Works: The Knight of Cards is good for all elemental workings, teaches the powers of the elements, helps with the interpretation of the tarot, and can help with divination. He has power to see the future, and influence it through the elemental tools. When working with the elemental tools in his presence their power is increased considerably.

Being Name: Boronzon

Description: A demon of light and metal, he looks like a man with the wings of a bat, and the legs of a goat, yet his wings are of metal, and his legs look to be covered in a fur made of silver ending in two gold trimmed hooves. He is pleasant when called upon, but does not like to be watched closely as he is conscious of his appearance.

Works: He helps purify an area of negative forces, bring healing, and teaches of the arts of light and the concepts of light from the perspective of demons. As a rebel from the demonic perspective he has taken to study the magick of angels and fae, and has great knowledge of these. He is good for guiding the creation of clay tablets.

Being Name: Helder

Description: A Dwarf with thick brown hair, and piercing brown eyes. His skin is dark, but not obsidian, and he wears furs and carries scrolls and plans when seen.

Works: He is good with helping to make plans, and will help in implementing any plans given to him to carry out. If given an offering of bread, cake, or other dry earthy food he will double his efforts to achieve any goal put to him. He is a vast intellect and can teach most sciences helping to learn astrology, and theology.

Being Name: Fel

Description: A dwarf of the air itself, his beard is thin and wispy white, though his eyebrows are dark brown and his hair is peppered white and brown. He stands short at five feet tall, and carries with him a large sack wherever he goes. He is pleasant, and amicable to talk to.

Works: Fel is an expert in the arts of the element of the wind, and may empower talismans or paper with the energy of the wind. He is good with travel, change, transition, and will help in these tasks if asked. An offering of incense amplifies his abilities considerably, and he can help clear the air of negativity.

Being Name: Ar

Description: A dwarf who wears solid gold clothing, often presented in the finest of ways. He is arrogant, but helpful, and enjoys both gaining knowledge as well as carrying out tasks. His hair is dark brown but his eyes are red and glow when he speaks.

Works: Ar is a master of wealth, as well as winning the hearts of people through speech. When put to the task he can help with acquiring wealth, gaining favor, spreading or quelling rumor, as well as finding ways to do this. If tasked with guarding Ar will convince other spirits and powers to aid him in that task, though he himself will be found relaxing during the actual duty.

Being Name: Kenz

Description: A winged Elf, with her wings like those of a dove. She has gentle features, light hair, and moves swiftly when called. She is very friendly, personable, and speaks well when questioned.

Works: She is a great messenger spirit, able to teach the ways of the arts of the mind, but also able to carry messages to and fro. She can bring people together who have been parted ways, and will carry messages and emotions to those she is sent to carry them to. When tasked she will attempt to fulfill any task but may seek other Elves who she has helped with messages to aid her in things beyond her measure.


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