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Past Preconjures

Past Preconjures who did not find a home, but as a result are now part of RQL's team, and may be called upon through Various Services. They have access to aid from the central Preconjure Master Crystal, making them stronger than their original listing by a large margin. Their old seals have been deactivated, and their writeups included here for reference.

Being Name: Forestall Wanderwing

Description: She's a trickster spirit who has sworn a binding oath of loyalty. This means she will only perform very minor tricks (hiding unimportant things, moving things where they can be visibly found from where they are). She has long thin green hair and presents herself from any height ranging from one foot tall to around seven feet tall, depending on her mood. Her skin is a dark brown, and looks almost like a wood grain color and pattern despite being a soft and subtle flesh. She is able to open portals quickly, and has a mastery over spacial/planar movement as a core of who she is. Because of this, she's a capable guardian as well as a powerful ally for achieving goals. Her trickster nature means she's as much a comedian as anything else, but she is no fool. She has a deep mind, and while all offerings are good, she prefers incense as it is “a trick between air and fire” as she calls it. She is vastly old, over a two thousand years, maybe three thousand, but she doesn't track time so its hard to say. She recalls the formation of the first pyramids in Egypt, but didn't have much to say about a time period beyond that point. Because of her adaptive mind and unique powers, she's a force to be reckoned with. It should be noted she has some knowledge of general magicks as well, and is a capable generalist caster on top of her other abilities.

Being Name: Scarllion Estro

Description: A powerful and vast fire elemental, Scarllion stands easily fifty feet tall, but can reduce his size down to that of a normal human being. He has vast power over the element of fire, but has no power over other elements presently. He was around during the creation of what he calls “primal fire” and was at the time a “lesser elemental of heat and force” during this time. When the first primal fire element was formed, the first elemental energies of fire, he was empowered by being present to become an elemental of raw fire. He has a STRONG preference for fire offerings such as camp fires, but a candle will do normally. He does enjoy incenses, but they don't amplify his power nearly as much. He is able to travel between realms easily and he has a strong personality. He is very forward and blunt with what he thinks at any one moment, and lacks some understanding of our concepts of tact. That said, he's loyal to a fault, and is seeking to work with one in our realm who would benefit from his presence helping their connection to the element of fire. His age is indeterminable.

Being Name: Tollstoff

Description: Tollstoff is a wisp like spirit who was in life an elf. She passed into the realm of the elven afterlife, and has return as a spirit of light and fog, but she retains much or most of her elven traits. She can take the form of her old self, a young looking girl, who was a thousand years old at passing, with long blond hair, bright green eyes, and sharp pointed ears. In her humanoid form, thanks to magicks she touched on in life, she is able to retain her form as if though she had not passed away, but can only do this for a few hours a day. The rest of the time she is a smokey whirl of light that moves on its own and takes shapes and forms. Her voice is soft and sweet when in her elven form, but subtle and shaky when in her spirit form. She worked with great magicks as a healer in her life, and this has given her abilities beyond other ghosts or spirits of her kind. While many spirits/ghosts can not progress further past their time of death, she can still learn and grow, and enjoys doing so. She has a gentle and kind personality, and has a love of our realm. Her preference for offerings are small leaves laid on an altar, or a small glass of clean water (does not need to be distilled or spring). Incense offerings can help her with manifestation when she moves the incense smoke.++

Being Name: Kalkilin

Description: A massive red elemental fire dragon, he is one of the eastern dragon types and has a love of flight, and the elemental energies of fire and air. He is massive, over one hundred feet long, and sails through the air swirling and shifting his position so that its hard to get a good look at him when he chooses to move fast. When he slows down, his lions main like beard can be clearly seen, and his canny smile lights up a room. His power over fire and air makes him a powerful guardian, and his speed is top notch. His personality is very outgoing, friendly, and witty. He is almost a trickster in his own right when he moves to defense using things like illusion coupled with his air and fire powers to create illusions that seem real to a foe. For his keeper he plays no tricks unless asked to do so to show his presence, but instead prefers jokes, humor, often pointing out the funny points in a joke through a sense or a feeling. This may be also him pointing out the funny parts of a conversations. He enjoys incense and candle offerings of any kind.

Being Name: Refae

Description: A Dark Fae bone collector and scavenger that lives in cemeteries wears the clothes of the dead. She likes to protect cemeteries from grave robbers and is white as old bones. Her eyes are sulfur yellow her teeth are jagged and stained yellowed. With hair the color of black dirt her long razor sharp nails can shred any flesh to bits. She speaks in a raspy voice and would be happiest if kept by bones and dirtIn her own words: l am looking for a place to teach others the benefits of the power of the dead and I wish to learn anything they think of.

Being Name: Cordin Flower

Description:A nature dragon appearing as an eastern dragon, they do not identify with a single gender, and would consider themselves as “Nature, which is both and neither, all and nothing.” They have strong elemental natural powers, a fun personality that shifts a bit from day to day being more serious some, for fun and happy the next, often connected to how the moon is in motion. When the moon is high, their spirits are up, when it is low, they are serious, contemplative and protective.

Being Name: Alboreth

Description:Appearing both as a human woman, and as a small blue eastern dragon around twenty feet long she sports dark black hair in her human form. She has some knowledge of stealth, defensive arts, alchemy, mysticism, and many arts related to these. She's a bit of a hybrid mage, warrior, and jack of all trades. She also has a great love of music and appreciation for art.

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