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The Emperor/Empress Meditation

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Emperor or Empress Meditation: Depending on if you identify more as male or female will determine the choice of this card used, but this meditation utilizes the basic imagery in these cards as a form of gestalt. It goes a bit outside of the cards themselves but is incredibly valuable for gaining an understanding of the moment.

Begin visualization of yourself as the figure within this card. Look carefully at your throne, your clothes that you wear, all that surrounds and adorns you. This what you see now is a representation of your world as you understand it. As you see your throne is it in good condition? Does it need work? What does that work mean to you?

Now feel the strength of power. You are the Ruler of Your World and you sit upon your throne. Good or ill this throne is yours and it sits you well. Look outward upon your empire. What do you see? Are your troops in good order? Your people happy? Or is there discourse? Each of these things you see has a meaning to you, a symbol you understand innately and will guide you to greater wisdom. During the last leg of this, of all the things you see whatever needs improvement that means the most to you issue the command to your people. This is your will, feel it carried through all of those subjects that represent YOUR will, your world, and have them move forward to do your bidding. Slowly sit back into your throne, relax, and come back to the state of awareness of the here and now. It is recommended gabbing a glass of water after this visualization.

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