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The Point of Contact

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Point of Contact: By Charles McBride

I have practiced some form of mysticism since I was a young man in my teens and during that time I have found one universal inconstant. That is right, not a universal constant but a universal inconstant and that is how several people can evoke or conjure several beings and get such wildly different results. The questions seem to outweigh the answers.

Are we all mad?

Are there any universal truths?

Why so many differences in so many sources?

Who is right about about the description of this (God, Goddess, Demon, Angel, Spirit, or Djin)?

In this little article we are going to begin exploring that a bit. First though there is a little story to go with it.

During recent work for a client and friend of mine I was asked to do Shamanic Journey on their behalf. To clear out negative influences, forces, and a particular negative entity they have been dealing with for years. This was to help with their third eye and I experienced great success in this. What is important in this story though is not the initial battle with the being, a demon incubus of no kindness, but what happened after.

I stood in their soul realm looking about, I felt... my task was not yet complete. I looked about, did healing, all the things I would normally do. Then I felt a presence, linked to them but not IN them, connected through some point of reference in time. Something they had come across when very young that stayed with them. I sought this presence out. It was the Demon King known as Baal.

Vast, powerful, I asked Baal to leave first and let go of whatever connection. Having worked with him many times I recognized his power and he should recognize my friendship but also my authority. He didn't recognize either. He struck me hard and fast in this realm and I experienced pain. I took this to be a fight and I ended the fight the only way I end any fight.

I won.

Yet why the fight if Baal and I are on such good terms? We know each other and have worked well together. While I know the answer to this I know many would not understand it. This is a sad truth that should be addressed and I shall address it here and now for our community. Why is this Baal so much different from any other encounter I would have with him.

Because this is not the Baal that I would connect to, though it is of the same root.

The Point of Contact:

We are now going to reference an understanding that will serve you well as a spirit keeper, conjurer, evoker, sorcerer, wizard, witch, shaman, or any other form of mystic worker. You never, and I mean NEVER contact the whole of a being. Beings are vast, and anyone telling you they have contacted the whole of a being is, in my view mistaken. Consider how vast you are though first. You can be kind, cruel, compassionate, understanding, loving, hateful, vengeful, merciful, and so much more. You yourself have many aspects, many thousands of aspects. At any given point and time you may be any number of things and are many things to many different people.

You are a flow of possibilities with certain innate characteristics. Beings are as vast as you are at least, and in this one respect possibly vaster, and in this they are often equally vast in the faces they can show. It is The Point of Contact in ritual, energy work, or communication though that defines the being. It is a combination of expectation combined with the beings innate characteristic.

Let us use a different example though as many people will be touchy about the use of demons in this discussion. Instead let us speak of something equally touchy, Gods. When you evoke or conjure Odin for example if you evoke or conjure Odin as a complete being then he will, for the most part, be Odin with some traits being zoned in more toward your understanding but with the full presence of the current that is Odin. You are holding space and creating and opening for the Odin Current to flow into a Truer form of Odin. Yet what if you conjured Odin for Wrath? Certainly he is a war god, certainly wrath and the berserker are a part of his make up. So you would get a limited flow from the Odin Current into a form far more violent, far more enraged, and suited for only one communication and purpose.

The Point of Contact then is EVERYTHING in a binding, conjuration, or evocation. Now take into consideration with the Odin example you left this being, a manifestation of an aspect of Odin but a manifestation directed toward only one purpose, existing tied to a location. Any who came across this binding would likely receive a thorough beating. Yet for man Odin is a Grandfatherly Figure of vast power and wisdom, for the poor fool who came across this binding they would know him as a God of Death.

It is no less Odin or Odin's power. Yet Odin is far greater than any other understanding. An aspect of Odin as most is what we connect to, for if the fullness of any being were to set forth on earth it would be the end. This goes for Gods, Goddesses, Demons, Angels, and even YOU. You are an aspect of the flow of you being presented on this plane at this moment. The whole of you is beyond full comprehension.

Now going back to Baal, we can see more clearly what was done. Likely a Goetic Ritual was done, and what was left behind by the inexperienced was Baal. It was not Baal though the man of business as I know him, Baal the Wise, or Baal the Leader. It was Baal the Vengeful, Baal the Wrathful, Baal the hateful! It was tied to that place, and when my friend and client ran into this, of course it attached as much as it could seeking some understanding of freedom.

In this the Point of Contact was traced clearly and easily. Yet often times this applies to other things as well. Many bindings and bindings of Gods, Goddesses, and Angels will feel different from one mystic doing the work to another. This is simply put we gain a bit of that understanding form their filter.

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