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  • Aesir


    Aesir are the gods of war and wisdom in Norse mythology. They are known for their strength, bravery, and skill in battle, and are associated with the wisdom of the runes. Aesir embody the power of the warrior spirit and wisdom. They are often called upon for protection and support in challenging situations, as well as for their guidance in matters of wisdom and inner strength. They are valuable allies for those seeking to develop their inner warrior and tap into their inner wisdom. Our conjures are Lesser Aesir who are not written about in the tales or legends.


    Working with an Aesir helps to confront challenges and develop strength and resilience. They can provide a powerful source of inspiration and support for those seeking to cultivate their warrior spirit and embrace their inner strength. Their gift of wisdom and knowledge of the runes can also provide guidance and insight, helping individuals navigate complex situations and achieve their goals.


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