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  • Angels


    There exists a wide array of beliefs regarding the classifications or hierarchies of angels, with the number of angels varying across different religious and spiritual traditions. While some adhere to the notion of only a handful of angelic categories, others embrace a multitude. Certain traditions recognize solely two types of angels - those of benevolence and malevolence. Conversely, numerous traditions acknowledge nine or more orders of angels, each endowed with distinct purposes, characteristics, and attributes. Ultimately, the diversity in the classification of angels stems from the unique beliefs and traditions upheld by various cultures and religions.

    It is precisely due to this reason that we categorize angels based on their type and purpose. Let us delve into the various types of angels and the specific purposes they serve.


    Abstract Angels are extraordinary beings that possess a form unlike any animal, combination of animals, or even humanoid figure. They can manifest as a multitude of eyes, a colossal halo of radiant light, a swirling helix of energy, a solid cube with ever-shifting forms within, or any abstract concept imaginable given physical shape.


    Hybrid Angels, on the other hand, embody a fusion of animal forms, devoid of any humanoid characteristics. These magnificent beings may take the form of a lion with majestic wings, a horse with the head of a hawk, or any combination of animal features merged into a singular entity.


    Humanoid Angels, as the name suggests, may or may not possess wings, but they do appear in a human-like form. Some exude sheer beauty as a human being, while others radiate a halo of luminosity. There are those who bear wings made of ethereal light, or wings adorned with shimmering feathers that glisten in the divine radiance.


    Angels tend to focus their energies on two distinct realms. Lower Focused Angels concern themselves with the mundane aspects of human existence, such as wealth, love, desire, gaining advantages, luck, healing, personal justice, and more immediate concerns. On the other hand, Higher Focused Angels direct their attention towards grander concepts like Balance, Justice on a Cosmic scale, Truth, Spiritual Enlightenment, and other profound matters of this nature.


    It is crucial to understand the diverse nature of angels and the purposes they serve. By categorizing them based on their type and focus, we gain a deeper understanding of their celestial existence and the profound impact they can have on our lives and ensure you our valued clients, friends, and family have a wide arrange of choices available to you.

    If you have a preference for Humanoid, Abstract, or Hybrid Angel make sure to include that in special requests!


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