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Animal Guides

Animal Guides


Animal Guides are spiritual guides that take on the form of an animal to offer insight and guidance. They are not physical creatures, but rather manifestations of energy and spirit. They are often larger, more impressive, have a glow, or some other discerning characteristic from the animal in its natural form. Some animal guides have an elemental energy about them while others are more rooted in their physical form. Other Animal Guides are mythical creatures such as Pegasus, Unicorns, The Pheonix, or others.


Animal Guides possess unique knowledge and insight that can be helpful in navigating life’s challenges. They can also provide protection, companionship, and spiritual guidance. Working with Animal Guides as familiars can offer unique insights and spiritual guidance, as well as provide protection and companionship during difficult and challenging times. They can help with tasks of all form including mundane tasks, and situations of great difficulty.


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