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Ascended Transcendent Servitors (ATS) – Greater Living Servitors

Ascended Transcendent Servitors (ATS) – Greater Living Servitors


Our BEYOND Ultimate grade of Servitor is known as the Ascended Transcendent. They MUST be talisman bound, as the talisman provides them a maximized level of power increase. They are a living type of servitor the same as the TCS but vastly more powerful. We can NOT create ATS without a talisman, so a talisman MUST be created, but their power is linked to their seal.

If you choose remote linking that means you must provide a picture of the item on your side that we are linking them to and we will use our seal to imprint on that object at a distance. It is best to have a unique and otherwise un-enchanted crystal, talisman, or object for the ATS transfer. After we have transferred the ATS to the new talisman we will destroy the original, completing the link fully.

If the current talisman IS destroyed they will take the power and anchor to a new talisman of your choosing when you print the seal out and place that object upon it. ATS are significantly more powerful than our strongest TCS type servitor having the benefits of a very powerful talisman as well as the benefits of a living servitor.

ATS began as a custom request for a client, but were found to be so powerful that we decided to list this phenomenal option in our shop.

All ATS Include the Following:
Empowered Servitor Vessel/Seal
Custom levels of power up to 24
Unfailing loyalty to their master
Ability to act independently from the Vessel's location
Intellect, they are capable of complex thought, and the ability to gain experience, and
Security protocol(self-check, restore) in the event they were somehow able to be manipulated directly they can go back to their original point of creation while retaining memories and experiences as information.


Level: We now list our ATS by Conjuration Level using our baseline for our conjuration services as a guide.  Previous ATS Levels can be calculated by the ATS Level times 4. For levels between 24, and 40, 40 and 96, or above level 96 in sets of 4, contact us here.


TCS/ATS Design: These are more created beings, than actual servitors. While they are vastly powerful, and incredibly loayl, they are still living beings. When creating a servitor using a template, very little extra information other than minor changes to the template is needed. For more complex designs use the following format in an e-mail to us. If a design is EXTREMELY complicated, has a lot of information, or a massive design e-mail we may require one or more consultatoin fees to cover our time if we (RQL) are expected to improve or rebuild that design.

Being Name:

Physical Description:



Powers and Abilities:

  • Simple list formats of each ability, short descriptions.

All Pictures/Media linked to at the in, no inline attachments.



ATS Creation Addons can be found Here
Universal Mystic Knowledge:
The Universal Mystic Knowledge provides a servitor a direct link to the universal flow of knowledge. The same flows that power inspiration, flowing too, through, and from the Akashic Records this power gives a considerable boost to the mystical ability of an ATS in the form of instant awareness of information from these places.

Essence Rituals:
If your ATS is based on a mythological being, a person of history, or some force of nature/the world the Essence Rituals provide a considerable increase in raw power from those origin sources. We draw the ambient energy of the mythos, force, or person but not the spirit of them into the Servitor for this. This gives them some of the knowledge, and some of the flow of power from those higher forces.

Vessel Selection:
If you want your ATS connected to a vessel with its seal laser etched on it, remember to purchase a vessel talisman from our store. Otherwise we will remote bind to a vessel of your choosing. ATS must be bound to vessel and can not be bound to self/spirit/body. You will still recieve a seal for the binding, and for moving the ATS to a new vessel if the need arises. 

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