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Blessing of the Angels

Blessing of the Angels


In various mythologies across different cultures, angels are revered as celestial beings with immense power and divine wisdom. They serve as intermediaries between humans and God or the divine realm, offering guidance, protection, and blessings to those who seek their assistance. The concept of receiving an angelic blessing is deeply rooted in spiritual traditions worldwide, often associated with feelings of peace, love, and inner strength.


In Judeo-Christian mythology, angels are considered messengers of God, playing a significant role in biblical narratives such as the Annunciation to Mary or the visitation of the angel to Joseph. In these instances, receiving an angelic blessing brought forth miraculous events and divine interventions that changed the course of history. The blessings bestowed upon individuals like Mary and Joseph are believed to have granted them courage, wisdom, and unwavering faith in God's plan for their lives.


In Islamic tradition, angels are considered servants of Allah who perform specific tasks such as recording human deeds or maintaining the balance between good and evil. According to Islam, receiving an angelic blessing is associated with the concept of barakah - a state of divine grace that brings abundance, prosperity, and blessings in all aspects of life. This can manifest through increased spiritual awareness, material wealth, health, or personal growth.


In Hinduism, angels are known as Devas or celestial beings who inhabit the heavens and control natural forces such as rainfall, fertility, and prosperity. Hindus believe that by performing rituals and offerings to these divine entities, one can receive their blessings and invoke their protection in times of need. These blessings are believed to bring harmony, abundance, and spiritual growth to the receiver's life.


In Greek mythology, angels or celestial beings such as cherubim and seraphim serve as guardians of God's throne and represent His divine attributes like love, wisdom, and power. In this context, receiving an angelic blessing is associated with experiencing a heightened sense of spiritual connection to the divine realm, leading to inner peace, enlightenment, and profound transformation in one's life.


In all these mythologies, the power of angels lies not only in their ability to perform miracles or grant material blessings but also in their capacity to inspire faith, hope, and love within humans. By receiving an angelic blessing, individuals are believed to be infused with divine energy that fosters personal growth, spiritual awakening, and a deeper connection to the transcendent realm. This experience often leads to profound transformations in one's life, as they become more aligned with their higher purpose and divine destiny.


Spiritual forces beyond our imagination have leaders, rulers, and powers so great they can not be conjured and bonded to a mortal person. These great ones though can be entreated with by us to aid you in your taks. In this service the blessings provided will be from one of those great ones who rules over this race of beings.

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