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  • Djinn


    The Djinn are a vast and varied race of spiritual beings with great power and abilities to aid their keepers, and hinder their keepers foes! They can help bring wealth, power, knowledge, wisdom, and much more! We can work with other kinds of Djinn upon request, but we prefer to talk to the potential keeper in private about the risks first.


    We group Djinn into the following categories.


    Marid Djinn, who are the vast, powerful, wind and water elemental Djinn. Often made of wind, water, smoke, storm, or other elemental forces of the type they range in size and form, often with big barrel chests, but smaller sleeker Marid’s have been known to exist.


    Ifrit are made of Smoke and flame, incredible guardians, excellent for punishing evil, and substantially powerful for any task requiring offense or defense. Even though there are many Ifrit who are combat oriented, some dive into other arts as well!


    Si’lat are another form of shape shifter, often taking on the form of a beautiful man or woman. Sensual, alluring, they are similar to a succubus by nature, but do not require the sexual energies to be well and functional. Instead the Si’lat have many varied interests but are always alluring!


    Hinn are a very friendly form of Djinn which appear as animals, or anthropomorphic animal forms, and have properties in line with the animal type they are associated with. Intelligent, powerful, and able to do many things, many Hinn have other shape shifting abilities, and all are viable companions to a keeper.


    Jann are powerful whirlwind like Djinn most often. They have a strong streak of righteousness and are great for a keeper of good heart and mind. They support good and rightness and oppose evil in all forms, and make powerful guardians, capable guides, and amazing allies.


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