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  • Gnomes

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    Gnomes are a diminutive race of supernatural beings found in many cultures throughout the world. They are typically depicted as small, humanoid creatures standing no taller than three feet, with long beards, pointed hats, and large, bulbous noses. Despite their small size, they are surprisingly strong and can move quickly and quietly. Gnomes are known for their mischievous nature, often playing pranks on humans and other creatures. However, they are also renowned for their loyalty and fierce protectiveness of their homes and families.


    Gnomes possess a range of magical powers and abilities that make them highly sought after as conjured familiars. One of their most notable abilities is their talent for earth magic, which allows them to manipulate the earth and plants around them. This makes them ideal for creating gardens and healing sickly plants. Gnomes are also excellent advisors, possessing a great deal of wisdom and insight into the world around them. They are skilled at divination and can help their conjurer to interpret dreams and omens. Finally, gnomes are excellent at guarding homes and treasure, making them useful for those looking for an added layer of protection. Overall, gnomes make excellent, loyal companions for those who appreciate their mischievous nature, wisdom, and magical abilities.


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