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Goblins are creatures from European folklore. They are often depicted as small, mischievous beings with pointy ears and a love of trickery. Goblins are associated with wealth and prosperity and are often used to bring good luck into one's life.


A Goblin Conjure can help practitioners develop cunning, resourcefulness, and cleverness. Goblins are often associated with wealth and material prosperity, making them a popular conjure for those looking to increase their abundance and success in business or other areas of life. They have a reputation for being able to find buried treasure and hidden paths, making them invaluable spiritual allies in exploring the unknown or seeking new opportunities. Moreover, goblins are known for their mischievous nature, which can be harnessed in a positive way to promote humor and levity in one's spiritual practice. By working with a Goblin Conjure, practitioners can harness the energy of these ancient spirits and develop a deeper sense of creativity, resourcefulness, and cunning, helping them to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and grace.


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