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With the appearance of attractive men, luring in their victims with their charm and seductive powers. Incubi are often depicted as cunning and mischievous, playing mind games with their prey before finally attacking. Their powers of seduction are said to be near-irresistible, causing many to fall under their spell. The Incubi we conjure seek a deeper connection with their keeper though, and want the best for their keeper. These  Incubi are misunderstood creatures. They are simply beings that crave physical intimacy and human contact, and feed on humans as a means of mutual gratification.


Incubi are also said to be skilled shape-shifters, able to transform into whatever form is pleasing to their intended victim. They are creatures of intense passion and desire, often seeking out those who share their carnal nature.


Incubi possess a range of supernatural powers and abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to cause nightmares and sleep paralysis. They are also said to be immune to many forms of physical harm, making them difficult opponents to defeat. Many view the Incubus as a dangerous and unpredictable creature, but those who seek to harness their power and prowess often do so in hopes of gaining a source of sexual energy and strength. As a familiar, the Incubus can provide their keeper with access to their vast spiritual powers, acting as a guide and mentor to those who seek to learn from them.


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