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  • Kelpies


    Kelpies appear as beautiful women, or horses of the sea characterized by their webbed hooves and manes of water plants, which lend them an eerie, otherworldly appearance. Some are more elemental in nature taking on the form of water itself. They are often depicted with a wild, unruly energy and a powerful sometimes sinister aura. In human form, they are often described as strikingly attractive, with long, flowing hair and a mesmerizing gaze that can easily entrance any who look into their eyes. Their power over water allows them to control waves and tides, making them feared by sailors and fishermen alike. Despite their reputation as malevolent spirits,  Kelpies can be appeased by offerings of fresh water and are capable of granting favors to those who show them respect. Kelpies we conjure are ones that have sought to help and aid those in the mortal realm.


    Despite their terrifying nature, Kelpies can be used as powerful conjures for protection and purification. They are often used to defend against negative energies or entities, and can be called upon to purify water or protect one's home or sacred space. Kelpies are also said to have the power to grant wishes, making them a valuable ally to those striving to achieve their goals.


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