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  • Kobolds


    Kobolds are mischievous creatures from Germanic folklore who are often associated with mining and crafting. They are small, goblin-like or even human-like beings. They may appear more animalistic, or more human depending on the nature of the Kobold. Many live in homes or forests while others are said to live underground and protect the treasures hidden within the earth. They are known for their love of pranks and their mischievous nature, strong connection to magick, and powerful personalities.


    Kobolds can be helpful for those who work in crafts or DIY projects, as they have a deep knowledge of materials and technique. They can also help their keeper find hidden treasures and provide guidance in matters of wealth and prosperity. They have skill in magick, mysticism, and all manner of elemental energies. They are a diverse and varied people with many abilities and powers.


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