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Metal Golems
  • Metal Golems


    Charles's personal choice is to work with the Metal Golems, extraordinary beings of immense spiritual power, unwavering fortitude, logical thinking, and a compassion that surpasses human capabilities. Although not true Golems according to Jewish Mysticism, these entities exist prior to their formation, adopting a Golem-like appearance. They are not mere raw elementals or constructs; they defy any comparison to what we have encountered before.


    These remarkable beings possess a simplicity in their nomenclature, often identifying themselves by the spiritual color of their metallic structure. Each Metal Golem possesses a distinct personality, and just like our custom conjures, we diligently seek out the perfect match for our clients. Utilize our Custom Request field to provide us with a comprehensive understanding of your desired Metal Golem.


    !!!Looking for a Physical Binding? Order a Conjuration Talisman!!!

    !!!Want options for Planetary Forces? Elemenetal Focuses? or a Specific Purpose! Add Conjuration Customizer to your order for free!!!

    The Conjuration Customizer isn't necessary to complete the order, but gives you our valued friends, family, and clients a new level of customization and options!

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