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Minotaur is a mythical creature in Greek mythology with the body of a human and the head of a bull. It is often depicted as a fierce and formidable warrior, with incredible strength and resilience. It is associated with the realm of the underworld and is said to guard the entrance to the labyrinth.


 Minotaurs embody the strength and resilience of the warrior spirit. They are often called upon for protection and defense, as well as for their gift of perseverance and endurance. They are powerful allies for those seeking to navigate challenging situations and overcome obstacles in their path.


Working with a Minotaur can help with facing one's fears and challenges head-on, with an unwavering commitment to achieving one's goals. They can provide a powerful boost of strength and resilience, helping individuals overcome their inner obstacles and achieve their dreams. Their guarding and protective abilities can provide a sense of safety and security for those seeking support in difficult situations.


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