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  • Orcs


    Orcs are mythical creatures from European folklore who are often depicted as brutish and violent. They are humanoid in appearance but have exaggerated features such as large noses and sharp teeth. While often seen as furious and malevolent, Orcs like all peoples come in a wide range of personalities. Most Orcs hold to a very strong sense of honor, and bravery, with courage being the highest order of things, alongside strength. Because of their powerful stature and size, combat prowess, and focus on brute force they make excellent guardians.


    Despite their fearsome stereotypes, Orcs can be useful familiars for those who work withmagick and protection. They have the ability to protect their keeper from malevolent forces and banish negative energy with brute force. They may also provide strength and courage during difficult times. Their presence can help their keeper with learning about strength, forward thinking, and perseverance.


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