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  • Pixies


    Pixies are mischievous spirits from English folklore. They are typically depicted as small, winged creatures with pointed ears and bright, colorful clothing. Pixies are known for their playful nature and their love of tricks and pranks. They are often associated with the natural world and are said to be able to communicate with animals and plants. Pixies are also known for their small size, typically standing only a few inches tall. Their wings are often iridescent and translucent, providing them with the ability to dart and flit through the air with ease, though some have wings like insects or even small birds. Pixies are said to have delicate features, with sharp, angular faces and bright, mischievous eyes that seem to twinkle with laughter and glee. Their clothing is often made from natural materials like leaves, moss, and flowers, which they weave together using their magical powers. These colorful garments are often adorned with intricate designs, such as tiny beads or embroidered patterns. 


    Despite their reputation for mischief, Pixies can be valuable allies to those seeking to work with them as a familiar conjure. They are said to be able to bring luck and joy into one's life, and can be called upon to help with creative projects and problem solving. Pixies are also believed to have the power to protect against negative energies and entities.


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