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  • Pooka


    The Pooka is a mischievous creature from Irish folklore. They are often depicted as shapeshifters that can take on many forms, including horses, goats, or cats. In a human form they retain some of the traits of animals as well! The Pooka is known for its love of pranks and its unpredictability.


    They are often associated with mischief and trickery, but they can also provide spiritual guidance, protection, and aid in breaking through creative blocks, making difficult decisions, and self-transformation. With their shape-shifting ability, they are adept at providing physical and spiritual protection, finding lost objects or people, and promoting humor and levity in one's spiritual practice to relieve stress and overwhelm. By working with a Pooka conjure, practitioners can find inspiration and support in the guidance of these ancient spirits in even the most uncertain of times.


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