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Shadow People

Shadow People


Shadow People are entities that appear as dark, shadowy figures. They are often associated with negative energies and are believed to be harbingers of bad luck or misfortune. This is not the same as one’s Personal Shadow, which is not something we can conjure.


It's important to note that Shadow People are not traditionally seen as benevolent beings, rather, they are often associated with negative energy and experiences. However, some individuals may find that working with a Shadow Person conjure can help them to confront and integrate their own shadow selves by working with a darker being. This process of shadow work can be difficult, but it can ultimately lead to greater self-awareness, healing, and growth. As such, the positive qualities of working with a Shadow Person conjure may include support in facing and exploring the darker aspects of oneself, leading to greater personal transformation and empowerment. Shadow People who choose to work with the mortal realm in a positive way often want to help us integrate our own shadow-like qualities.


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