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Sidhe, also known as the Faeries or the Fair Folk, are mystical beings from Irish and Scottish folklore. They are typically depicted as tall, slender creatures with pointed ears and glowing eyes. Sidhe are known for their beauty and magical powers, and are believed to live in a parallel world that exists alongside our own. While we have other listings for Fae in general, Sidhe are specifically the Scottish Variant. Scottish Sidhe, also known as faeries, are a distinct type of Fae that differ from other Fae in many ways. Unlike other Fae, Sidhe are considered to be noble and regal beings, often associated with royalty and high society. They are typically depicted as beautiful and awe-inspiring, with shimmering wings and elegant clothing made from silk and other fine fabrics.


While other Fae may be mischievous or trickster-like, Sidhe are often seen as more serious and contemplative. They possess great magical powers and are said to be able to control the elements, such as causing powerful storms or summoning gentle breezes. They also have the ability to shape-shift into different forms, such as animals or plants. 


Another key difference between Sidhe and other Fae is their relationship with humans. While other Fae may be friendly or hostile towards humans, Sidhe are generally regarded as being indifferent to them. They are said to be more concerned with their own realm and interests, and are not typically interested in interfering with humans. The ones we conjure specifically do have an interest in working with their keeper, or in interacting with our realm.


Despite their reputation for being capricious and unpredictable, Sidhe can be powerful allies to those seeking to work with them as a familiar conjure. They are said to have the power to bring about change and transformation, and can be called upon to bring abundance and prosperity into one's life. Sidhe are also believed to be able to communicate with animals and plants, making them valuable allies for those who seek to live in harmony with nature.


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