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Spirit Booster Talisman Creation

Spirit Booster Talisman Creation


Combining the power of our custom sigils, talisman creation, and bonding services our Spirit Booster Talismans provide an increase to any spirit. The talisman acts as a kind of rest point that the spirit can both use as a direct talisman for you to carry with, or as a general power booster. The spirit is not locked into the talisman at any point, and retains all the freedom they had before hand. What the Spirit Booster Talisman does is provide them a talismanic boost of power, similar to the same boost our ATS Servitors receive from their talisman links, using ritual services to supply that boost.


This service provides a seal for the booster, and can be linked to one of our talismans or done remotely with a talisman you provide a picture of. In the case of using a vessel/talisman that has multiple spirits in it, the power will benefit the spirit designated for the booster.


This service now uses our conjuration scale for clarity. For higher levels of power you can make multiple purchases of this service.  We will need the name and details of the spirit we are creating/remote empowering a talisman for. 

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