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Norse female warriors of incredible battle lust, they are ruled over by Odin and possibly Freya and have their lust for war and conquest. These, female warriors are the most amazing of combatants themselves and have a love of mead, fighting, warfare, and all of life's passions. They are amazing companions and considerable warriors who provide the utmost level of protection. Some are said to have wings, while others have other means of flight.

The Valkyrie that we conjure are ones who have been given permission by Odin to leave his services and seek out new adventures in our realm. We under no circumstances will conjure a Valkyrie that has not already met this allowance from The All Father.


They are great for a keeper who wants better defenses, a strong companion, a unique perspective, or is seeking to open themselves to their own warrior nature through interaction. As guardians they are amazingly powerful. As advisors they give deep wisdom derived from having seen many battles!


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