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  • Vanir


    They are a race of gods associated with nature, fertility, and wisdom. They are often depicted as being tall and fair, with long golden hair and piercing blue eyes. They are known for their exceptional beauty and grace, which is often accompanied by a quiet and serene demeanor. Unlike the Aesir, who are associated with war and battle, the Vanir are closely connected to the earth, the sea, and the cycles of nature. They are often depicted holding or surrounded by plants and animals, highlighting their connection to the natural world. However, despite their gentle appearance, the Vanir are powerful beings who are not to be underestimated. They possess great knowledge and skill in magic and divination, and are known for their ability to bring fertility and abundance to the land. Overall, the Vanir are a race of enigmatic and powerful gods, whose beauty and wisdom continue to captivate the Nordic imagination. The Vanir we conjure are lesser Vanir, ones not written about in the legends and mythologies.


    Working with a Vanir helps to cultivate a reverence for the natural world and a commitment to cultivating one's inner source of growth and abundance. They can provide a powerful source of nurturing and healing energy, helping individuals overcome their inner wounds and develop a deep connection to the energy of the universe. Their gift of connection to the natural world and the energy of growth and prosperity can help individuals awaken their inner source of abundance and prosperity.


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