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Werebeasts are entities that have the ability to transform into animals. They are often associated with Native American or Celtic folklore and are believed to have the ability to shape-shift into dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, bears, or other animals.


In some spiritual or magical traditions, these beings are seen as shapeshifters who have the power to move between the world of humans and the animal spirits. When working with a Werebeast Conjure, practitioners may seek to tap into this transformative power, as well as to connect with the instinctual or animal side of their nature. Some may also see Werebeasts as guardians or protectors of nature and the natural world, and may work with them to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability. Overall, working with a Werebeast Conjure can help individuals to tap into their animal instincts and to develop a deeper connection with the natural world as well as transformative abilities useful for manifestation!


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