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Werewolves are entities that have the ability to transform between human and wolf form. They are often associated with Native American or Celtic folklore and are believed to have the ability to shape-shift into wolves during the full moon. They are said to form tightly-knit packs and work together to hunt, protect their territory, and maintain their dominance. The pack instincts of werewolves are often seen as an embodiment of human tribalism and our innate desire to belong to a community. 


In some spiritual or magical practices, working with the energy of a werewolf conjure may involve tapping into primal instincts, such as intuition, strength, and courage. It may also involve exploring the darker aspects of the self and learning how to harness those energies to achieve personal transformation and growth. However, it is important to approach this kind of work with caution and respect, as werewolf energy can be intense and unpredictable. Working with a werewolf conjure may involve tapping into this pack instinct and exploring the dynamics of group dynamics and social hierarchies. It may also involve developing a deeper understanding of the balance between individuality and collectivism, and how to navigate the tensions that can arise between them.


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