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Western Dragons

Western Dragons


These formidable beings are said to roam the vast expanses of the western lands, with bodies that seem carved from living stone, or metal, and hearts that beat with fierce passions. According to legend, Western Dragons can reach lengths of over 200 feet, their scaly hides glistening like polished obsidian in the sunlight. Their wingspan is said to be equally impressive, allowing them to soar through the skies with ease and grace, leaving a trail of glory in their wake. The dragons' eyes often burn bright blue or indigo, piercing through any darkness and seeing right through to the heart of any matter. Their breath is said to be a fiery blast of elemental flame that can melt steel and reduce entire mountainsides to rubble with ease, or carry other elemental properties with equally destructive force. And yet, despite their fearsome reputation, Western Dragons are also known to possess a deep wisdom and ancient knowledge, passed down through generations of dragonkind. They are revered as guardians of the land and protectors of the innocent, and those who earn their trust are said to be rewarded with great riches and untold power. They are associated with wealth, power, and domination.


Western Dragons are known for their immense power, ability to breathe fire, and excellent combat skills. They can also help increase prosperity and overcome challenges.

 brown hair, upper body of a man, flexing his muscles, lower body of a white horse

Working with Western Dragons as familiars can provide immense power, combat skills, protection, and wealth.


In summary, Western Dragons are mystical creatures known for their immense power, combat skills, protection, and association with wealth. Working with Western Dragons as familiars can provide insights into immense power, combat skills, protection, and wealth.


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