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Wyverns are a type of mythological creature that are often described as having the body of a dragon with the wings of a bat. They are typically large creatures, with powerful, muscular builds and sharp, pointed claws. Their scales are often a deep, rich color, such as green or blue, and their eyes can be piercing and intimidating. 


While wyverns are often depicted as fierce and aggressive, they can also possess a sense of keen intelligence and wisdom. They are said to be able to communicate telepathically with humans, and to possess knowledge of the ancient mysteries of magic and alchemy. Some even believe that wyverns are able to see into the future, and can offer valuable insight and guidance to those who seek them out. 


As conjure companions, wyverns can offer a powerful and loyal presence to those who choose to work with them. They are fierce protectors, and can offer strength and courage to those who are facing difficult challenges. They are also known for their ability to help their human counterparts develop their own strength and power, and can offer valuable insights and guidance along the way. Overall, wyverns make excellent companions for those who are seeking to tap into their own inner power and explore the mysteries of the universe.



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