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Call of the Spirits and Spirit Army Gate

Call of the Spirits and Spirit Army Gate


A powerful and unique service our Call of the Spirits has many options included in it to help you achieve your goals with a little extra spiritual muscle. Call of the Spirits allows us to send you help in the form of spirits who temporarily aid you at a much reduced cost vs what a conjuration cost would be, and backed by our powerful Master Crystal Vessel which provides them a massive increase in power over a traditionally conjured spirit. Call of the Spirits is a one week (7 day Service) that starts when we send over the e-mail letting you know we've begun, and ends at the end of the 7th day.


Call of the Spirits calls powerful spritis from "The Great 100" and "Past Preconjures"


The Great 100 are Charles' personal heavy hitting team. A Diverse set of conjures who aid us in our day to day work, and have incredible power. They are backed by The Master Preconjure Crystal that grants them a massive amount of power compared to Custom Conjures and Personal Conjures.

Learn More about The Great 100


Past Preconjures are Preconjures who didn't find a home, but wanted to join in our team. Amplified by The Master Preconjure Crystal, a powerful amplifier that helps aid The Great 100, they are far more powerful than their original listing now. 

Learn More about Past Preconjures

If you want the aid of a specific set (up to 3) of Conjures from these lists let us know in an e-mail. So long as they aren't on other assignment we can ask them to lead and be the core workers, while other Conjures will still lend aid as needed.

Want even more power?

Select a "Spirit Army Gate" in the options section, this will then add a Spirit Army Gate which will bring in hundreds to thousands of lesser spirits who are willing to lend aid for that week, under the command of our personal conjures, and vetted by our "True Seeing Gate System" which ensures only those pure of intent and willing to serve are called. At the end of the 7 days the lesser spirits will clear out returning to their home realms.


Grade 1 Gate: 100 - 200 lesser spirits

Grade 2 Gate: 300 - 500 lesser spirits

Grade 3 Gate: 1000 - 1,500 lesser spirits

Grade 4 Gate: 2,000 - 3000 lesser spirits

Grade 5 Gate: 5000+ lesser spirits

Call of the Spirits uses our personal altar and tools, so no picture is provided of the altar area.

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