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Universal Flow Working

Universal Flow Working


This powerful service harnesses the forces of the universe in a more direct manner than blessings or rituals coudl hope to, and acts as a bridge point between mystical methods. The strongest mystics are often said to need no tools, or to utilize more the power of their mind. We've honed this, and while we do use energy work in every service we provide, this is more direct, and more primal in it.  We often utilize forces such as Divine Ki, Soul Force, The Flow, Chakra Energies, and our various attunements in these workings to provide incredible results.


The Purchase of this service is made in 5 minute blocks of time. For more time, purchase a higher quantity. Not all blocks of time will be consecutive past the 15 minute mark, and may be broken up during a day, week, or month depending on purchase size.


For a stronger working purchase this service more than once! Contact us ahead of time for other purposes than those listed, and then select Other if we are able to meet your need!


To have this service in a talisman, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


To have this service in an attunement, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


We utilize a variation of energy work that can be accepted similar to how attunements are accepted, but without the versatility and reuse of an attunement. When doing energy work as an “accept when ready” practice, remember we will not provide a writeup of our findings as the energy is stored, and sent to you, and will do its work once accepted without any connection to us. In these situations you will need to follow some simple instructions for acceptance such as “before you sit down, take a few minutes to focus on being open and receptive, and then say ‘I accept this energy working from _________’ with the practitioner name doing the service listed.” If for some reason there is greater complexity in this acceptance we will include those requirements in the detailed part of our listing.

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